AI Scrum Master: What it is and how agile teams benefit

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May 15, 2023

Most Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Tech Leads we speak with are completely bogged down in "work about work". From facilitating team meetings, sending summaries, keeping the board updated, spotting issues before they become blockers, and managing stakeholder expectations. All this manual work cuts into time that could be spent coaching their team, talking to customers, and dreaming up features that actually impact the trajectory of the companies they work for.

Enter AI. The good news is that the majority of this "work about work" is manual, repetitive, and easy to automate with AI. And through integrations, most of these tasks can be handed over to AI  without the hassle of changing habits or learning a new tool.

In this post, I'll show you how an AI Scrum Master can reduce manual work, and free up your agile engineering team for more meaningful, strategic work that requires human emotional intelligence. We'll cover the benefits of offloading manual work, and cover the specific tasks you can start automating today.

What is an AI Scrum Master?

An AI Scrum Master is a game-changing innovation in the world of agile software development. It's an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that emulates the functions of a traditional Scrum Master, helping teams facilitate effective meetings, summarize decisions and actions, and keep their board up to date.

In a nutshell, an AI Scrum Master facilitates communication, organizes tasks, tracks progress, and provides insights for improvement, all without the need for a human Scrum Master to be present. It works to remove any obstacles or impediments that may be hindering the team's progress and fosters an environment of continuous improvement. Like a human Scrum Master, an AI Scrum Master does not manage the team but empowers the team to achieve its goals and deliver high-quality products.

By automating some of the most time-consuming, repetitive aspects of the Scrum Master role, an AI Scrum Master allows you to focus on what really matters: coaching your team, empowering your team, removing obstacles, and building a strong sense of unity.

Benefits of an AI Scrum Master

Now that you know what an AI Scrum Master is, let's dive into some benefits. From automating repetitive tasks to providing data-driven insights, an AI Scrum Master has plenty of tricks up its digital sleeve to help you and your team work smarter, not harder.

Automating repetitive tasks

Imagine a world where meeting summaries magically appear, stakeholder recaps are generated with a click, and ticket updates are suggested without you even asking. While it may sound too good to be true, these capabilities already exist as part of AI Scrum Master. By automating these repetitive tasks, your team can save precious time and energy, improve communication, and focus on building awesome software.

Consistent decision-making

We're all human, and sometimes our emotions or biases can get in the way of making objective decisions. But an AI Scrum Master has no human bias. By making decisions based on data and metrics, and AI Scrum Master ensures that your team's decision-making process remains consistent, fair, and unbiased.

Real-time data analysis

An AI Scrum Master's ability to analyze data from various sources in real time is a game-changer. This means they can identify patterns and trends that might slip past even the most eagle-eyed human Scrum Master. With this valuable intel in hand, your team can proactively address potential issues and stay ahead of the curve.

Reduce your workload

Let's face it: software development teams have a lot on their plate. Especially those whose role is to manage expectations across multiple stakeholders, including your customers. An AI Scrum Master can help ease the burden by taking on some of the workload. It can take on tasks like running meetings, generating meeting notes, creating tickets, updating tickets, and writing stakeholder recaps. This means less stress for you (and your team), and more time to focus on the parts of your role you actually enjoy. Not to mention the additional time for your personal life, hobbies, health, family, friends, or side hustles.

Improved team productivity

Last but not least, an AI Scrum Master is like having a completely neutral productivity coach for your team. It will take care of the busy work, helping dev teams focus on more strategic work while improving their productivity. By automating tasks like updating tickets and generating meeting notes, AI frees up time and mental energy for team members to focus on more creative and complex tasks. 

How AI Scrum Masters Work in Practice

From the initial planning stage to the nitty-gritty details, an AI Scrum Master has your back every step of the way. Let's take a closer look at how can lend a helping hand and effortlessly blend into your Agile team's current activities, including sprint planning, daily standups, retrospectives, and backlog grooming. 

Sprint planning

During sprint planning, an AI Scrum Master can help you document your sprint goals, the specific tasks you aim to complete, create missing tickets, update existing tickets, suggest estimates based on previous work completed, prioritize items in the backlog based on the sprint goal, and even predict potential blockers. With data-driven insights, Spinach can help your team create a more realistic and achievable sprint plan, ensuring your team stays on track and focused on the right priorities.

Daily standup

Gone are the days of long, disorganized and inefficient daily standups! An AI Scrum Master can facilitate standups by providing context from the prior standup, helping you prep an update for the next standup, prompting "who goes next" to keep things moving, keeping the discussion focused, sharing a standup summary, and suggesting follow-up action items in Slack.

Using an AI Scrum Master (like Spinach), your product owner or product manager doesn’t need to worry about running standup. With Spinach, a visible timer keeps the discussion moving, and the app shuffles the speaking order, so you don’t have to choose who goes next. It’ll take notes for you, help you identify and clear blockers, and create agendas for future meetings. No matter what standup format your team is using, Spinach will keep the meeting as efficient as possible. 

Spinach integrates with your current tools like Slack, Google Meet, Jira, and Zoom, so that daily standups are a seamless and engaging experience for everyone.


When it comes to sprint retrospectives, an AI Scrum Master is like having your very own personal assistant. They can help compile key metrics and insights, generate reports, and identify areas of improvement. With their objective analysis, your team can learn from past experiences and make informed decisions to improve future sprints. And of course, your meeting notes are all taken care of by your new AI-powered friend.

Backlog refinement

A well-maintained backlog is essential for a smooth-running Agile team, and an AI Scrum Master can help you keep it in tip-top shape. They can assist with prioritizing items, estimating the effort required, and even suggesting new tasks or ticket updates based on your discussions, team capacity and historical data. With help from Spinach, you can ensure your product backlog is always up-to-date and ready for action.

Planting the Seeds: Implementing an AI Scrum Master in Your Organization 🌿

Curious to try an AI Scrum Master but not sure where to start? In this section, we'll discuss tips for implementing an AI Scrum Master in your organization, from evaluating software options to setting up metrics and KPIs.

Choosing the right AI Scrum Master software 

First things first, you'll need to find the right AI Scrum Master software that meets your team's needs. While there are several options out there, stands out from the crowd. Spinach is an AI Scrum Master that's designed to be your team's ultimate productivity partner. 

Spinach will run your daily standup for you and generate meeting summaries with one click. Powered by GPT-4, it will also write stakeholder recaps so that everyone is kept informed. Furthermore, Spinach will suggest updates to your Jira tickets based on decisions made in team meetings. 

With its integration capabilities, powerful AI, and user-friendly interface, Spinach makes running efficient, structured agile meetings a breeze, without adding complexity to your workflow.

Integrating with existing tools and processes

The best Scrum Master works in your existing tools, and so does Spinach. Any AI capabilities you try should integrate seamlessly with your team's existing tools and processes, making it easy for everyone to adopt. Spinach checks all the boxes here! With its ability to integrate with tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, and Jira, Spinach ensures that your team can continue using their favorite tools while reaping the benefits of a smarter, more efficient Agile process.

Setting up metrics and KPIs to track progress

Finally, it's essential to set up metrics and KPIs to track your team's progress and measure the impact of your AI Scrum Master. This will help you identify areas for improvement, validate the effectiveness of the tool, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your Agile framework and process. Consider tracking metrics like sprint completion rate, cycle time,  team productivity, time spent in meetings, and don't forget to revisit these KPIs regularly to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Meet Spinach: Your New AI Scrum Master 

An AI Scrum Master like can transform your Agile development process by automating repetitive tasks, providing unbiased decision-making, and offering real-time data analysis. Spinach integrates with your existing tools and help with sprint planning, daily standups, sprint retrospectives, and backlog grooming. Ready to try it out?  Experience the benefits of Spinach firsthand. Don't get left behind.

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