Never forget an action item

Spinach translates your agile meetings into key decisions and action items with owners assigned. Plus, each person gets their own To-Do's so nothing falls through the cracks


Remember what you said you'd do

With so many meetings, it's easy to forget what was decided and what you committed to. With Spinach, we document decisions, action items, assign an owner, and send a summary in Slack.

"This is an incredible summary of the meeting by Spinach, and honestly, it surpassed what I can do myself. I also appreciate that it doesn't attribute the speaker but does identify the action owner by name."

Ayush Khanna

Principal, Super{set}

“The action items are great. I get all the context to have relevant conversations, even if I wasn’t present at the actual meeting”

Robert Knox

Head of Engineering, Grid Cities

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Your own personal assistant

Everyone on the team gets their own To-Do List sent directly to them after each meeting.  If anyone gets distracted, nothing falls through the cracks.

“The action item DMs, and the ability to mark it done in Slack….very awesome. I love it.”

Kayne Lyne

Product Manager, 3Advance

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