Automatic ticket creation

Spinach is the only tool that recommends tickets based on what you discuss. Get ticket suggestions directly in Slack and add them to your board in a single click.


We keep the board updated for you

Spinach suggests tickets based on your meeting discussions. You can edit the ticket directly in Slack or add it to your board with one click of approval. ✨

“It is NOT humanly possible to note down, remember, generate each and every ticket while leading each meeting. Spinach makes me so much more efficient!”

Sadia Shahid

Scrum Master, Bizvaex Consulting

"I've been looking a long time for a tool that sends meeting summaries to Slack, and can also open a ticket in Jira based on the information said in the meeting. And I found it!”

Idan Shperling

CTO, Krayon Digital


Easily reference tickets you discussed

Discuss a bug or task? Spinach will link to corresponding ticket in your summary and action items for extra context. Your whole team can easily reference the tickets later in Jira, Trello, Asana, Linear or ClickUp.

"My engineers and designers said 'Spinach is magic', 'Damn, this is actually crazy' Lol, so yeah we like it!"

Shawn Winters

Founder, MNTRA

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