See why project leaders 💚 Spinach

“I just received a summary from a feedback session we had with the team. The results are perfect. Spinach took note on all the key topics and action items.”

Pablo Derendinger




This honestly makes meeting life so much easier. It takes amazingly accurate notes and cuts out the off-topic discussions from the meeting summary. Very well done!

Anthony Cao

City of Vancouver



I've had peers knocking on my door for links and access. The Spinach team has also been incredibly helpful in getting it setup and helping me understand how to use it

Matt Filion




Always on time, takes notes, sends out a summary, key decisions, blockers, action items, open items, next steps and other.

Robert G Brown II

The Customer Shop



Do you want your teams to be more engaged during virtual meetings? Or reduce time spent on editing and sending out post-meeting notes? Then allow me to introduce you to the tool that has increased our engagement and saved us an average of 30 minutes when we need to edit, format, or send post-meeting notes: Spinach.io. This is not a sponsored post, I just seriously love this tool! No more translating your chicken scratch notes after the meeting!

Justin Jacobs

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


Director of Product Management

The scrum masters are really liking it as it automates a tedious portion of their job in the ceremonies

Scott Moody

Otis Educational



The accuracy of the synthesis on action items -- truly impressive. It's largely removed the need for me to even refer back to transcripts

Suze Dowling



Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer

Seriously, this technology from Spinach is fantastic. Not only are we inviting Spinach to all our meetings, but it is having a cultural impact on our company. From bringing teams together, fostering inclusion and even bringing laughs and joy to the company.

Malcolm Werchota

Coating AI



The prompts are brilliant! You’re not giving me chronological salient points of the conversation, but an actual summary with defined categories. It’s a lot easier to consume and action

A.K. Hudani



Product Manager

I've been looking a long time for a tool that sends meeting summaries to Slack, and can also open a ticket in Jira based on the information said in the meeting. And I found it!

Idan Shperling

Krayon Digital



Fantastic product that helps with my product managing. Spinach summarizes the action items from long meetings and when I look back at old meetings it helps me figure out why decisions were made. It keeps everyone accountable.

Andy Tan

FLK it Over


Product Manager

This is an incredible summary of the meeting by Spinach, and honestly, it surpassed what sometimes I can do myself.

Ayush Khanna




This is f$%#ing awesome. I love it!

Facundo Lieby

Blue Goji


Software Engineer

The action items are great. Especially if I’m unable to attend standup. I get all the context needed to just go directly have relevant conversations even though I wasn’t present at the actual meeting.

Robert Knox

Grid Smarter Cities


Head of Engineering

It is NOT humanly possible to note down, remember, and generate EACH and EVERY ticket while leading and comprehending all of the verbal communications happening within each meeting. Spinach.io has made my work much more efficient

Sadia Shahid

Bizvaex Consulting


Scrum Master

The summaries are much better than what we got from Supernormal and Otter. They are more specific to the agile process.

Jason Oliver



Principal Product Manager

I just used Spinach on my first meeting and WOW I’m impressed! I’ve tested other solutions before (Supernormal, Meetgeek) but the AI generated content in Spinach is WAY better. Very impressive!

Josh Carter

4 Walls


Director of Product

The action item DMs, and the ability to mark it done in Slack….very awesome. I love it. And managing the channels from within Slack…marvelous!!

Kayne Lyne



Product Manger

Sembly is a bit too complicated when it comes to its UI/UX and the summaries are not as concise as Spinach

Nate Whitehill




I don’t take notes anymore during these meetings. I get to participate more interactively with the conversation since I’m not trying to type to keep up.

Mitchel Roe



Product Manager