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Spinach gives project teams instant meeting notes with decisions, actions, and ticket suggestions.

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Designed specifically
for agile teams

Unlike other tools, Spinach is designed specifically for agile teams. Instead of recordings, transcripts, or long chapters- you get decisions, actions, and blockers to accelerate your project.

"I've been looking a long time for a tool that sends meeting summaries to Slack, and can also open a ticket in Jira based on the information said in the meeting. And I found it!”

Idan Shperling

CTO, Krayon Digital

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Stay engaged in the discussion

Focus on leading a great discussion and listening to your team. We'll document the key decisions and action items so nothing falls through the cracks.

“I don’t take notes anymore during meetings. I get to participate more interactively with the conversation since I’m not trying to type to keep up”

Mitchel Roe

Product Manager, ChatLingual


Keep your board updated

Discuss an existing ticket? Spinach adds ticket links in your summary for extra context.
Discuss a new bug or feature? Spinach suggests tickets directly in Slack and adds it to your board with one click.

“It is NOT humanly possible to note down, remember, generate each and every ticket while leading each meeting. Spinach makes me so much more efficient!”

Sadia Shahid

Scrum Master, Bizvaex


Works with your existing tools

Spinach connects to your calendar, joins your video meeting, shares summaries in Slack. It even links directly to your board, and suggests new tickets based on what you discuss.


Keep all your notes in one place

Connect Spinach to Notion, Confluence, or Google Docs to store all your meeting notes in your existing knowledge base.

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Ask Spinach to take it off your plate

With the Slack shortcut, Spinach can clarify what was said in your meeting. Or Ask Spinach to draft emails or documentation.

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