Agile meeting summaries

Unlike other tools, Spinach gives you summaries designed specifically for agile meeting outcomes. Focus on leading a great discussion, and we'll take (phenomenal) notes.


Stay engaged in agile meetings

You focus on the team discussion. We’ll document the key decisions and action items so nothing falls through the cracks.

“I don’t take notes anymore during meetings. I get to participate more interactively with the conversation since I’m not trying to type to keep up”

Mitchel Roe

Product Manager, ChatLingual

“I just used Spinach on my first meeting and WOW I’m impressed! I’ve tested other solutions before (Supernormal, Meetgeek) but Spinach is WAY better. Very impressive!”

Josh Carter

Director of Product, 4Walls


Easy for devs to consume and action

Unlike other tools, Spinach gives you decisions and actions directly in Slack. No recordings, transcripts, or long play-by-plays buried in another app.

“Key differentiator- you’re not giving me chronological points of the conversation, but an actual summary with defined categories. It’s a lot easier to consume and action”

A.K. Hudani

Senior Product Manager, Later

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