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My meeting is over. Why didn't I get a summary?

The most common reason is that someone from your meeting forgot to leave the video call. If everyone has left the call, you will receive a summary within 5 minutes. If you still do not receive a summary please let us know at so we can investigate.

How do I add Spinach to a meeting?

There are 2 ways to add Spinach to a meeting. 1.  Login with Google, connect your calendar, and simply check off all the meetings you'd like Spinach to join. 2. Open the meeting invite (or meeting series) and add as a guest.

Why hasn't Spinach joined my meeting?

Here's a few troubleshooting steps for you to try. 1. Are you sure Spinach is on the meeting invite? 2. Did you join the meeting link on your meeting invite? 3. Is Spinach stuck in the waiting room of your meeting? 4. Did someone on your meeting kick Spinach out? 5. Did you start more than 5 minutes late? If no one joins in the first 5 minutes, Spinach leaves.

My meeting already started. Can I still invite Spinach?

Yes! If you forget to invite Spinach before the meeting begins, you can open the invite, add and we will join within 2 minutes. Please note: If you're connected to Slack for summary outputs, the summary will go to your default Slack channel.

When exactly does Spinach join the meeting?

Spinach joins your meeting 1-2 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you add Spinach to a meeting already in progres, it takes 1-2 minutes for Spinach to join.

How long does it take to receive my meeting summary from Spinach?

You'll receive your meeting summary from Spinach within 5 minutes of the meeting session ending. If you do not receive your email summary within 5 minutes of leaving your meeting, check your spam folder and make sure noone from your team forgot to close the video meeting.

Who will receive the meeting summary from Spinach?

Everyone on the meeting invite will receive a summary from Spinach via email. This includes anyone invited to the meeting and did not join. We're currently building output settings to control where your summaries go (email, Slack, Notion, Confluence, Google Docs) and who receives the summaries.

How can I get my meeting summaries in Slack?

To get meeting summaries in Slack, you need to connect your Spinach account to Slack. Go to to login. Then go to Spinach Settings and click Configure Slack. Follow the steps to connect to Slack and select which channel you'd like your summaries to go to.

What integrations does Spinach have?

Spinach can join Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings. From there, Spinach can send your meeting summaries to Slack and email. Coming soon, you'll be able to send summaries to Notion, Confluence or Google Docs. Spinach integrates with Jira, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and Linear to add summary links to any tickets or tasks you discuss. We also recommend new tickets or tasks based on your meeting discussion directly in Slack. Get more information on our Integrations page.

What languages does Spinach support?

Spinach currently supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. If you speak these languages in your meetings, your meeting summary, action items and ticket recommendations will be translated to English. We are adding support for 50+ languages soon and working on local language summaries, action items, and ticket recommendations.