7 Powerful AI tools for project management

Published on
July 12, 2023

Today, new AI technology is launching faster than you could imagine. Research shows that AI tools will complete over 80% of project management tasks by 2030. 

AI tools are transforming project management, making it more effective and efficient. As a result, adopting and incorporating them into your processes is becoming increasingly important.

But it can be challenging to figure out which AI tools will work best for your project team. So take a look at these tips for picking out the best AI project management tools, plus our top seven picks for project managers.

What to look for when choosing an AI project management tool

When looking for project management software, prioritization of key features is essential to ensure you get seamless project performance and next-level outcomes. However, with so many AI-powered project management tools available, it’s hard to determine which ones will lead to project success.

So, if you're not sure what to look for in an AI project management platform for your agile team, you're in the right place. Here are four key AI features to look for in task management tools:

Integrations: You want to choose an AI project manager that will incorporate into your other existing tools. So look for an AI assistant that integrates with what you already use for a seamless transition and less disruption of ongoing workflows.

User-friendliness: Good project management software should make your team members’ jobs easier — not more complicated. Look for a user-friendly tool that streamlines communication and collaboration, tracks project progress, and integrates into your daily workflows. 

Customization: The best AI project management tools should easily adapt to your needs. So choose a tool you can customize to fit your project requirements. This flexibility encourages team members to align the software to their processes and workflows, increasing efficiency.

Intelligence: Ensure the software can help with intelligent resource allocation and task prioritization to enhance productivity while reducing bottlenecks. In addition, look for a tool that gives you project insights for informed decision-making.

The 7 best AI project management tools for agile teams

The CAGR for AI tools is expected to increase 15.36% by 2030. From automated project insights to real-time collaboration, there are so many different artificial intelligence tools that increase productivity and reduce workloads.

Whether you want to handle complex projects or are looking for an end-to-end solution, there’s an AI-powered project management tool for everyone. But which ones are really worth the time and investment? Check out our handpicked leading tools that can supercharge your task management efforts.


Best overall is Spinach — an AI tool that helps project managers streamline and automate huge chunks of project management functions.

This AI Scrum Master runs the meeting with a visible agenda, takes notes, and suggests tickets based on what you discuss and what's already on your board. The tool also functions as a knowledge base, assisting team members and answering questions about project details.

With Spinach, you no longer need to make agendas or take meeting notes. Spinach will summarize important decisions and action items and send them to your team via email or Slack. Plus, it even integrates with your existing project management tools to keep all your actions updated in one place.

Spinach also gives you control over what gets shared. You can review and edit the meeting notes and action items before sharing them with the team and create custom templates in minutes, so everyone gets exactly what they need.

Key features

  • Meeting summaries: Provides summaries of your meeting discussions, decisions, and outcomes
  • Meeting facilitation: Spinach reminds you what was discussed last time, streamlines the speaking order with a visible timer
  • Action items: Generates action items and let's you create tickets in one click, so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Control: Spinach is the only tool that allows you to edit the meeting notes and action items before they are shared


  • Starter plan for $0/month: Gives you access to all integrations, unlimited meetings and users, action items with owners assigned, and meeting summaries in Slack or email.
  • Pro package for $49/month with a 30-day free trial: Has everything in the starter plan, plus full meeting transcriptions, control for meeting summaries, and priority support.
  • Enterprise plan (custom pricing available on request): Offers everything in the Pro package, along with a customer success manager, customized meeting templates and branding, SOC2 report, and SSO. 


Spinach integrates with a variety of tools, including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Confluence
  • Google Docs


The next tool to consider for your workspace is Asana, an AI-powered project management tool designed to make resource management efforts easier. With Asana, you can easily create custom workflows and assign tasks to your team.

Asana’s AI — Asana Intelligence — helps teams optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and gain detailed insights into ongoing projects. 

Asana makes workflows self-optimizing and allows you to create and edit branching scenarios, lists, and boards. You can also divide projects into smaller, more manageable chunks, making it easy to navigate through project parts.

Key features

  • Workflow builder: Allows you to create automated processes for easy coordination of your team
  • Automation: Helps you streamline processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks
  • Timeline feature: Build custom Gantt charts in minutes
  • Digital Kanban boards


  • Personal plan (free forever): Gives access to unlimited tasks, projects, and activity logs, with up to ten teammate collaborations, list and board view projects, status updates, and over 100 free integrations.
  • Starter package for $10.99/month: Has everything in Personal, plus collaboration of up to 500 teammates, Gantt and timelines views, custom project templates and dashboards, and unlimited free guests.
  • Advanced plan for $24.99/month: Offers everything in Starter, plus 25,000 automations per month, advanced reporting, scaled security, approvals, proofing, and locked custom fields.
  •  Enterprise package (custom pricing available on request): Gives you access to everything in Advanced, plus unlimited users and views, resource management, and premium support.
  • Enterprise Plus (custom pricing available on request): You get access to everything in Enterprise, plus risk management integration support, guest domains, and admin app management. 


Asana integrates with many popular apps, including:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Threads
  • Loom
  • Freshdesk
  •  Trello
  • Dropbox


ClickUp is another AI project management platform that powers your PM efforts. It's a cloud-based project planning and management tool that supports everything from dashboards to whiteboards.

ClickUp's intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it a go-to solution for agile team managers. The platform adapts easily to every workflow, particularly Agile, Kanban, and Scrum methodologies, and its AI-powered features simplify team management, time tracking, and workflow alignment.

ClickUp’s AI provides an approach tailored to your specific role, with personalized project management tools to speed up your project progress. Whether you want to generate action items from docs and tasks or summarize notes from your meetings, ClickUp’s AI has your back.

Key features

  • AI assistant tool that simplifies writing, translating, and summarizing
  • Automated notifications that are easy to configure
  • Artificial intelligence research-based prompts


  • Free plan: Gives you 100 MB storage space, unlimited tasks, collaborative docs, whiteboards, Kanban boards, sprint management, and in-app video recording.
  • Unlimited package for $7/month/user: Gives you access to everything in Free, plus unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, Gantt charts, custom fields, resource management, and agile reporting.
  • Business plan for $12/month/user: Has everything in Unlimited, along with advanced time tracking, workload management, granular time estimations, and goal folders.
  • Enterprise package (custom pricing available on request): Includes everything in Business, plus features like white labeling, advanced permissions, and unlimited custom roles.


ClickUp integrates with over 1,000 tools, including:

  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • HubSpot
  • Webhooks
  • Google Drive


If you have daily use cases and love a smooth, clean user interface, Notion is an excellent solution.

This project management platform allows you to create a personalized, unique workspace with powerful modular blocks like wikis and Kanban boards. With Notion, you can easily write and arrange notes, create and manage a knowledge base, and collaborate with your team.

Notion’s AI can assist with any type of writing, help you brainstorm, and analyze and summarize notes and content. Its built-in spelling and grammar checker functionalities set it apart from other tools.

Key features

  • AI system that allows you to write and ask anything
  • Wikis that enable you to centralize your knowledge
  • A to-do list that helps you keep things streamlined and organized


  • Free plan: Gives teams and individuals unlimited blocks.
  •  Plus package for $8/month: Offers 100 guest invites, unlimited uploads, and 30-day page history.
  • Business plan for $15/month: Has everything in Plus, as well as advanced page and data analytics, bulk PDF export, and private team spaces.
  • Enterprise package (custom pricing available on request): Provides everything in Business, plus audit logs, workspace analytics, unlimited age history, and a customer success manager. 


Notion integrates with popular apps like:

  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • GitHub


Trello is an easy-to-use collaboration platform that you can use as a product roadmap. No matter the workflow, project, or type of team, Trello helps you keep things streamlined and organized with a few clicks. It’s especially popular for its boards that allow for easy task assignment and sharing.

This tool provides an AI system that lets you prioritize and anticipate events, as well as various workflow automation tools, like Butler. Plus, Trello’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to see at a glance what each team member is working on, upcoming tasks, and project progress.

Key Features

  • Butler automation, which allows you to automate your workflows and tasks
  • Easy-to-use templates that give your teams a blueprint for success
  • Trello plugins that help you power up your team


  • Free plan: Gives access to up to ten boards per workspace, plus unlimited cards, storage, activity logs, power-ups per board, and custom background stickers.
  • Standard package for $5/month/user: Has everything in Free, plus advanced checklists, single-board guests, and 1,000 workspace command runs per month.
  • Premium plan for $10/month/user: Includes everything in Standard, plus additional views (calendars, timelines, maps, and dashboards), simplified data export, and admin and security features.
  • Enterprise plan for $17.50/month/user: Has everything in Premium, unlimited workspaces, power-up administration, and Free SSO and user provisioning with Atlassian access.


Trello integrates with over 200 other tools, including:

  • Roblox
  • Intercom Power-Up
  • Confluence
  • Zenaton
  • DAKboard


Wrike is a comprehensive project management tool that provides a centralized workspace for your team members. It primarily focuses on streamlining various aspects of the development process, including project planning.

Its AI-powered intelligence solution gives real-time projections of potential risks, predicts project outcomes, and offers personalized prioritization for your team. Wrike's risk management capabilities set it apart from other tools, and it will even warn you of any conflicting tasks.

This tool utilizes machine learning to review patterns and develop a complete view of your project management processes, preventing delays and reducing costs. With its comprehensive suite of project management tools, Wrike helps you run your projects smoothly, ensuring you're meeting deadlines.

Key features

  • Resource management: Allows you to view the resources available for your project
  • Visual timelines: Helps you to manage your schedules
  •  Real-time data reporting: Easily generate reports from available data
  • Customizable workflows: Gives teams the flexibility to work the way they want


  • Free plan: Gives access to apps, project and task management, and AI content generation tools.
  • Team package for $9.80/month/user: Offers everything in Free, plus 20 collaborations and unlimited tasks, subtasks, and custom fields.
  • Business plan for $24.80/month/user: Adds special features like project blueprints, custom item types, AI risk prediction, and work creation.
  •  Enterprise plan (custom pricing available on request): Offers custom access roles, customizable user types, user audit reports, and more.
  • Pinnacle plan (custom pricing available on request): Includes advanced reporting and BI, locked spaces, and automation.


Wrike integrates with over 400 popular apps, including:

  • Asana
  • Airtable
  • Active Directory
  • Air Brake


You can't go without mentioning Monday when talking about the best AI project management tools. This platform enables agile management with unlimited, customizable items you can use to navigate and distribute your projects.

Monday breaks down complex tasks into small, manageable ones, making it perfect for project managers who like eye-catching visual layouts. Monday's AI feature helps you estimate a project, allowing you to understand the resources, time, and risks associated with each task.

It also provides intelligent recommendations and automation and prevents repetitive tasks, giving you more time to focus on project milestones. Monday is an ideal project management platform for both beginners and experts, thanks to its vast tutorial library and intuitive design.

Key features

  • Data visualization and dashboards: Track relevant KPI data and convert it to visual graphics
  •  Project automation: Automate frequent and repetitive tasks
  • Feature customization: Easily add features you need and get rid of those you don't with the app marketplace


  • Free Forever: Includes up to three boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates, eight column types, and apps marketplace.
  • Basic plan for $8/month: Everything in Free, plus unlimited free viewers and items, prioritized customer support, and dashboard creation based on one board.
  • Standard plan for $10/month: Everything in Basic, as well as timeline and Gantt views, guest access, calendar views, and a dashboard that combines five boards.
  • Pro plan for $16/month: Includes the Standard package, along with private boards, chat views, time tracking, a formula column, and a dashboard that combines ten boards.
  •  Enterprise plan (custom pricing available on request): Provides enterprise-level integrations and automation, multi-level permissions, advanced reporting and predictive analytics, tailored onboarding, premium support, and a 50-board dashboard.


Monday integrates with over 200 apps, including:

  • Ziflow
  • Snowflake
  • Jira
  • Google Chat
  • GitHub

Looking for an AI project management tool to enhance your meetings? Try Spinach today

As AI technology continues to expand, it’s becoming increasingly important for project managers to take advantage of everything it can offer. AI tools can help team leaders develop more effective project management processes and achieve better project outcomes.

If you’re looking for AI project management software that fits your needs, make sure you take into account the user-friendliness, intelligence, integrations, and customizations.

And for a powerful tool that brings AI capabilities into your meetings, try Spinach. With Spinach, you get automated meeting summaries, action task lists, and unlimited integrations with the tools you’re already using.

Try Spinach today and see why it deserves a spot in your project management stack.

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