Why you need an AI note taker in all your meetings

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September 12, 2023

As much as I try to avoid it, sometimes my whole calendar is just back-to-back (to-back-to-back) meetings. And after too many calls, the details can start to all run together. 😵‍💫 I like taking notes, but then I feel less involved in the conversation and more concerned with writing it all down.  This is where AI note takers save the day. These powerful tools seamlessly transcribe meetings, deliver a concise summary, and even curate the key takeaways. It's like having a super-efficient assistant, always on standby. By inviting an AI note taker to your meetings, you can truly concentrate on the important parts of leadership, like engaging with your team, guiding the big discussions, and making decisions that deliver results. 

What is an AI note taker?

Ever found yourself scribbling notes furiously, only to miss out on crucial details? An AI note taker is here to save the day. At its core, it's an advanced software tool that leverages artificial intelligence to listen, transcribe, and document conversations in real-time. But it's not just about transcription. 

These smart tools can intelligently discern key topics, actions, and decisions from meetings, converting them into structured notes. It's like capturing the essence of your discussions without having to lift a pen (or press a keyboard key!). So, rather than scrambling to keep up, you get to be present, engage, and let the AI handle the documentation.

Key features of an AI note taking tool

Understanding the true potential of an AI note taking tool begins with recognizing its primary features. It's more than just a digital assistant—it's a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize your meetings. Here, we'll break down the essential attributes that make these tools indispensable for team interactions.

Transcribes meetings for easy callbacks

Have you ever needed to recall a specific point from last week's meeting? With an AI note taking tool, you won't have to rely on memory or sift through pages of handwritten notes. These tools automatically transcribe meetings as they happen. This means you get an exact record, ready for callbacks. It's like having a digital archive of every spoken word, that’s accessible anytime you need it for reference.

Provides meeting summaries

While in-depth notes are great to have, we don’t always get time to read through a full meeting transcript. This is where automation steps in to simplify things. An adept AI note taking tool can automatically distill the essential takeaways of your agile meetings, delivering a concise summary to save you time. Instead of pages of details, you're presented with a clear snapshot highlighting just the key talking points, decisions and action items you need to move forward. 

Enables collaboration between team members

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? And in the world of Agile, collaboration is key. These AI note taking tools understand this ethos. They allow multiple team members to hop onto the same set of notes in real-time. Whether it's adding insights, making edits, or highlighting critical points, everything happens collaboratively so you can all (literally) stay on the same page.

AI notes are accessible from anywhere

With AI-note taking apps, your notes are just a click away, regardless of where you are. Whether you're working from home, a cafe, or even mid-commute, you can easily review your notes, share them with teammates, or prep for the next meeting. All you need is an internet connection. The world becomes your workspace, and your insights travel with you.

Benefits of an AI note taking tool

Now that we've unpacked the standout features of AI note taking tools, let's get into the real benefits that come with having an AI note taker in all your meetings.

AI-powered note takers are accurate

With AI at the helm, the accuracy is unparalleled. Every discussion, every nuance, and every minor detail is captured. This ensures that your meeting records are not just a transcript, but a precise reflection of what was discussed, eliminating the chances of any oversight or misinterpretation.

AI note takers are efficient

Time is of the essence, especially for bustling team leaders. Manual note-taking, while valuable, can sometimes divert your attention. AI note takers streamline this, letting you be present in the conversation while the tool efficiently documents everything. And here's the cherry on top: they can summarize lengthy discussions, giving you concise, actionable meeting notes at your fingertips.

AI note taking apps help your team stay organized

Structured and organized notes are the backbone of effective follow-ups. AI note takers not only document but also categorize and structure your meeting insights. Whether it's sorting by topics, tagging action items, or setting up reminders, these tools ensure everything is neat and tidy, ready for you to take action.

Note taking tools create easy searchability

Searching for a specific point from a whole day of meetings? With AI note takers, you can say goodbye to the endless scrolling. Leveraging advanced search functions, you can swiftly locate keywords, decisions, or any specific segment of a past meeting, turning hours of search into mere seconds.

Most AI note takers integrate with other tools

The best tools are those that integrate effortlessly with your existing tech stack. That’s why many AI note takers are built to work seamlessly with platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, and Slack. No more app hopping; you get a centralized hub for all your meeting insights, streamlining collaboration and post-meeting tasks.

The 3 best AI note taking tools

You may have noticed, there are a lot of options out there for AI note takers, and the category is expanding seemingly every day. Our experts did the research for you, and put together a curated list of the top three tools that we think are currently changing the game in meeting productivity.

1. Spinach.io

Meet Spinach: more than just an AI note taker, it's an AI Scrum Master and meeting assistant that will supercharge your workflow. Created specifically for agile teams, Spinach integrates seamlessly with your favorite platforms like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and Google Meet. Its intuitive interface coupled with robust features ensures that you capture the essence of every meeting, fostering collaboration and streamlining tasks. Spinach gives agile teams instant meeting summaries with decisions, actions, and ticket suggestions to accelerate your team.

2. Notion

Another top pick in the AI note taker space is Notion. Often dubbed as an all-in-one workspace tool, Notion offers a versatile platform where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. With a sleek design and user-friendly features, it caters to individuals and teams alike, making documentation and project planning a breeze.

3. ClickUp

Last, but definitely not least, is ClickUp. Primarily a project management tool, ClickUp has expanded its horizons to include stellar note-taking capabilities. It's designed to bring all your work into one place—from tasks and docs to goals and chat. Its integrated note-taking function ensures that while you're juggling various tasks, no important detail slips through the cracks.

Find out why Spinach is the best tool to handle your AI note taking, and so much more

If you’re looking for a tool that delivers instant meeting summaries with decisions, actions, and ticket suggestions, Spinach is the AI meeting assistant that checks all the boxes. Having Spinach on your team means you’ll get AI-powered meeting notes that are accurate, efficient, organized, and searchable. Plus Spinach integrates seamlessly with all the tools you already use. With its suite of features designed specifically for agile teams, Spinach elevates the standard of AI-assisted meetings to a whole new level.

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