8 Performance Management Tools to Help Agile Teams Thrive

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November 21, 2023

In the words of legendary engineer W. Edwards Deming, “Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.” I had a college professor who loved that quote, and it stuck with me all these years later. If you don’t measure performance, how will you know that you’re making progress? The ability to adapt, assess, and optimize team performance is essential for sustaining success. 

I get it, we’re all busy. Possibly too busy to do extra work that is about the work? But as the stakes rise and timelines shrink, being able to strategically use Performance Management Tools can help Agile teams survive and thrive. And the good news is, there are new smarter AI-powered tools hitting the market seemingly every day, enabling project managers to gain invaluable insights, streamline communication, and foster a culture of continuous improvement, propelling their teams towards unprecedented levels of efficiency and collaboration. And when you get all those details dialed, that’s when your team can deliver their best results.

If you’re still managing performance the old-fashioned way, why not take advantage of new tools that streamline and elevate the performance appraisal process? Using the right tool can ensure that teams remain aligned and the employee experience stays top-notch. 

The secret is, finding the right tool that fits your team’s needs. Each of the options we’re covering in this article will offer unique features, templates, and more that you’ll want to consider. Plus, we’ll show you how Spinach can function as your AI project manager to help make all your team meetings and operations more efficient and productive.

Why is performance management software so important?

Performance management systems align individual efforts with organizational objectives, maximizing both efficiency and output. Specifically using performance management software tools ensures everyone's on the same page, fostering collective success. Let's break down its significance. 

Aligning with organizational goals

When teams are aligned with organizational goals, you’ll see a real boost in productivity, competency, and morale. Performance management tools help reinforce this alignment, making sure every task and project feeds into the broader company vision. 

Continuous improvement

Things are constantly changing in the world of tech, and teams and operations have to evolve along with our industry. Fine by me, since I’m always looking to get better as a leader and colleague. Experts agree continuous improvement is pretty much essential for agile teams. And with performance management, there's a consistent focus on skill enhancement, which helps keep the team moving forward and reaching new heights.

Individual team member accountability

A cohesive team requires individual accountability. Performance management clarifies roles and responsibilities, ensuring everyone is aware of their contribution's impact and is held accountable. When your performance management is dialed in, everyone knows what they are responsible for, what their colleagues are responsible for, and how all those pieces work together.

Feedback, goal setting, and coaching opportunities

Feedback fuels growth. It’s a super-valuable tool for getting better at your job (and at life). Effective performance management facilitates regular feedback, clear goal setting, and coaching, ensuring team members have the necessary tools and knowledge to excel. 

Plus, team members might feel more inclined to pursue employee development opportunities if they know how it may impact individual performance in the future (which is a huge win). 

More data-driven decisions

Data is invaluable in decision-making. Going back to that W. Edwards Deming quote I shared at the beginning of this article. You need to have data in order to measure progress. Performance management tools, especially those with robust analytics, provide actionable insights, leading to more informed, strategic decisions.

8 of the best performance management tools to check out 

Using smart software to track performance management can instantly help accelerate your team. Once you assemble the perfect team, it’s important to make sure employees meet their individual and organizational milestones on a regular basis. Measuring that progress can feel incredibly rewarding as goals are met, and it can also help you catch issues before they become problems. Open lines of communication are also key here, performance conversations help keep the team moving in the right direction.

From tracking individual contributions to aligning with organizational goals, the right tool can make a significant difference in your performance management tracking. Our experts did the research and selected the top software options designed to supercharge performance management for technical and agile teams.

1. Trakstar

Trakstar offers a modern approach to performance management, blending the traditional review process with real-time feedback mechanisms. It's an ideal choice for agile teams as it promotes continuous improvement and collaboration. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • 360-degree annual reviews: Comprehensive feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Team or employee goal tracking: Monitor team or employee progress toward objectives.
  • Real-time feedback: Instantly recognize or address performance issues.
  • Integrated analytics: Gain insights from performance data to drive improvements.

2. ClearCompany

ClearCompany positions itself as a talent management solution with a heavy emphasis on performance and goal management. Its holistic approach ensures that high performance aligns with company goals. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • Talent pipeline: Identify and nurture potential within the team.
  • Goal alignment: Ensure every team member is working towards organizational objectives.
  • Continuous feedback loop: Facilitates ongoing communication for improved performance.

3. Deel

While Deel is primarily known for its payroll solutions, its performance tracking for international teams is noteworthy. For organizations with a global presence, Deel offers unique insights into team performance, especially for remote teams.

Why it's a top pick:

  • Global compliance: Ensure international teams adhere to local labor laws.
  • Automated payroll: Link performance to compensations seamlessly.
  • Team analytics: Dive deep into performance metrics for global teams.

4. 15Five

15Five provides continuous performance management tools that foster open communication and growth. Named after the 15-minute weekly check-ins it encourages, this tool emphasizes the power of regular feedback. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • High Five recognition: Promote a company culture of appreciation.
  • Objective tracking: Align individual goals with company objectives.
  • 1-on-1 meeting agendas: Structured conversations for better clarity and growth.

5. Leapsome

Leapsome combines performance management with engagement insights, offering a 360-degree view of team productivity. It's particularly favored by technical teams for its adaptive and feedback-driven nature. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • Skill development: Customizable learning resources based on feedback.
  • Meeting insights: Optimize team meetings with actionable analytics.
  • Performance reviews: Regular and structured reviews to drive growth.

6. BambooHR

People know BambooHR for its comprehensive human resources management software. While HR teams and their processes are its primary focus, it doesn't shy away from robust performance management features, making it a versatile and popular choice for agile teams looking to manage performance alongside other HR tasks.

Why it's a top pick:

  • Employee self-service: Empower team members to update and track their performance through key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Goal setting and tracking: Align the aspirations of individual employees with overarching team objectives.
  • Performance reports: A detailed overview of team achievements and areas of improvement.
  • 360-degree feedback: Holistic insights from peers, managers, and subordinates during the performance review process.

7. Culture Amp

Culture Amp focuses on a culture-first approach to performance management. Recognizing the connection between employee engagement and performance, it offers tools that gauge both, helping agile teams foster a positive work culture while driving productivity. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • Engagement surveys: Understand team sentiment and motivation.
  • Continuous feedback: Promote an environment of ongoing dialogue.
  • Performance reviews: Regular, structured assessments for growth.
  • Actionable insights: Use gathered data to make informed decisions and action plans.

8. Betterworks

Betterworks provides a seamless platform for continuous performance management. Tailored for companies with a keen eye on growth, it streamlines achieving set goals, facilitating feedback, and organizing performance reviews, ensuring agile teams always remain on track. 

Why it's a top pick:

  • Aligned OKRs: Easily set and manage objectives and key results.
  • Real-time feedback: Facilitate instant employee recognition or guidance.
  • Integration capabilities: Sync with other tools for a more cohesive performance management experience.
  • Goal science best practices: Guidance on setting and achieving meaningful objectives.

How Spinach can help with performance management

Spinach is the AI Project Manager, AI Scrum Master, and meeting assistant that can help accelerate your team. While Spinach may not be a direct performance management tool, its features complement and enhance your agile workflow. By integrating Spinach with the performance management tools mentioned, teams can navigate their performance journeys with greater precision and efficacy. 

Here’s a look at what Spinach brings to the table:

AI-driven project management

Spinach uses AI to streamline project management. Examples of AI-optimized benefits include:

  • Intelligent task allocation based on team strengths and past performances.
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate project bottlenecks. 
  • Optimal resource distribution, ensuring no one's overburdened.

Tracking progress and productivity

Spinach facilitates real-time progress tracking through effective meeting management, allowing teams to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Monitoring this progress is pivotal for refining performance over time. 

Adding action items for accountability

With Spinach, action items aren't just tasks—they're performance indicators. Assigning and tracking these items ensures:

  • Clear task ownership. 
  • Immediate recognition of accomplishments.
  • Swift course correction when needed.

Real-time collaboration for better team performance

Real-time collaboration helps your team work efficiently and effectively. With Spinach, team members can seamlessly share updates, discuss roadblocks, and ideate, ensuring a harmonious workflow and optimized outcomes. 

Facilitating feedback exchange and performance reviews 

With Spinach, teams can hold structured, regular employee feedback sessions, ensuring personal development plans don’t get off track. Additionally, this tool makes it easy to organize unbiased, objective evaluations of performance to enhance the potential for genuine growth and improvement.

Aligning individual, team, and organizational goals 

Spinach uses AI to enhance transparency and foster collaboration. By leveraging Spinach for meetings and tasks, teams can stay aligned and deliver better results. 

Automating routine tasks to increase efficiency

Never take manual meeting notes again, just invite Spinach to your meeting and watch the magic happen. Automation in Spinach means more focus on what truly matters. You can automate a variety of tasks, like:

  • Routine status updates.
  • Data entry tasks.
  • Ticket management
  • Regular notifications or reminders.
  • This automation bolsters team efficiency and performance.

Leverage your team’s performance with Spinach today

Performance evaluation helps technical teams achieve their best results. Plus, you have to know how well your team does currently before you can grow and scale. Performance tools can provide the lens to spot the good and the improvable, shaping the path forward for any technical team. 

Pairing these tools with Spinach can revolutionize daily tasks, instilling a proactive, organized approach.  Plus, Spinach integrates seamlessly with all the tools you already use, so you get an instant productivity boost without any added complexity. Forget long meeting recordings or transcripts, Spinach gives you just the key takeaways to accelerate your team.

Ready to supercharge your performance journey? Dive into Spinach today!

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