9 Standuply Alternatives for Better Standups

Published on
November 17, 2023

If you have been reading the Spinach blog with any frequency, you know that write a lot about standup meetings around here. And for good reason! They’re the bread and butter of keeping software teams aligned. But here's the deal: the effectiveness of these daily check-ins relies heavily on what tools you use. Sure you can keep your standup buttoned up, stick your agenda, and follow all the Scrum ceremony best practices. But if you’re not leveraging smart software tools to make your standups better, you’re missing out on a crucial opportunity to accelerate your team.

Standuply has been a go-to for many organizations, especially agile teams working remotely. Basically, Standupbly is a bot that automates the standup process, ensuring all team members chip in their updates. However, a one-size-fits-all solution may not be the best bet for getting optimal results with your team. Here’s what I recommend: don’t settle for a default run-of-the-mill standup tool without exploring all your options. Especially when some might fit your team's vibe better. 

If you're curious about how the right tools can help take your daily standups to the next level, check out our article on how to run a better daily standup. And if you want to explore some alternatives to Standuply, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll introduce you to some options that could revolutionize your remote team's meetings.

1. Spinach

Spinach is your AI Project Manager, AI Scrum Master, meeting assistant, and more. Spinach joins your meetings and takes notes, assigns action items, and suggests tickets to accelerate your team. Never take manual meeting notes again, just invite Spinach to your meeting and watch the magic happen. Plus, Spinach integrates seamlessly with all the tools you already use, like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, so you get an instant productivity boost without any added complexity. 

With Spinach, teams can leverage these integrations to enhance their standup processes, eliminating unnecessary friction (like switching apps all the time) and fostering a more productive and focused interaction. 

Here are some of the top ways to use Spinach for better standups:

  • Get reminders for your standup meetings each time.
  • Integrate with your favorite tools to pull in updates automatically.
  • Set and track team goals, ensuring everyone's on the same page.
  • Get personalized guidance for each meeting for optimized teamwork.
  • Connect async or live—always entirely your choice.

The best features for standups

  • Deep integration: While Standuply might be a popular Slack bot, Spinach takes it a notch higher by integrating with many different tools. 
  • Goal tracking: Keep an eye on team progress and goals over time in your workspace meeting after meeting with comprehensive notes.
  • Personalized updates: Easily adjust your standup agenda based on the team’s needs.
  • Detailed meeting notes: Get all the notes you need from daily standup meetings in one spot, including status updates, ticket suggestions, and more.


Spinach believes in delivering value without burning a hole in your pocket. With a flexible pricing model, you can pay for what you need.

2. Geekbot

Geekbot is a virtual standup facilitator that operates within Slack. By automating daily updates, Geekbot offers a centralized view of team activities, ensuring standups are efficient and informative. 

Here's how Geekbot stands out:

  • Slack-native: Perfect for teams that live on Slack.
  • Customizable questions: Tailor your standup queries to suit your team’s rhythm.
  • Easy set-up: Get started in minutes without a steep learning curve.

The best features for standups

  • Scheduled reports: Plan and receive updates when you want them.
  • Analytics: Get insights on team performance and areas of improvement.
  • Integrations: Bring data from tools like Jira or Zapier into your updates.


Geekbot operates on a subscription model with pricing adjusted for team size. They offer a 30-day free trial, so you can test the waters before diving in to see if it’s the right fit.

3. ClickUp

Meet ClickUp—not just another task manager. ClickUp integrates various productivity tools, making it a versatile choice for standup meetings. This is an all-in-one productivity platform that integrates task management, docs, goals, and more. 

Here’s how ClickUp stands out:

  • Organize tasks under different lists, making it easier to report during standups.
  • Collaborative docs and chat help teams align on goals before or during standups.
  • Built-in time tracking to ensure standups stay concise and focused.

The best features for standups

  • Custom views: Display tasks and progress the way you want during meetings.
  • Integrations: Sync with tools like GitHub for real-time updates.
  • Goal folders: Align daily standups with weekly or monthly objectives.


ClickUp offers a free basic plan and premium versions with advanced features based on the number of users.

4. Status Hero

Using Status Hero ensures that standups are effective by tracking goals, identifying blockers, and providing analytical feedback. It’s a tool that gathers daily goals, tracks obstacles, and provides insightful analytics. Despite what the name might imply, no superpowers are necessary to figure out how this can elevate your standups.

Here’s how Status Hero stands out:

  • Automates check-ins, eliminating manual follow-ups.
  • Visualizes goals and blockers in a digestible format.
  • Integrates with popular tools to fetch real-time updates.

The best features for standups

  • Blocker tracking: Immediately identify and address team obstacles.
  • Activity logs: A quick overview of team accomplishments.
  • Third-party integrations: Pull in updates without manual input.


Status Hero follows subscription-based pricing adjusted according to team size, with a 21-day free trial to get you started.

5. Jell

Jell is a comprehensive solution to streamline team standups and check-ins, emphasizing efficiency and clarity. The makers of Jell know that teams are often distributed across various locations and time zones, and that’s why Jell provides a centralized platform to ensure consistent alignment on daily tasks, overarching objectives, and key performance indicators. 

Here’s how Jell stands out:

  • Daily standups become a breeze with structured templates.
  • Set and track long-term objectives alongside daily updates.
  • Integrates seamlessly with tools like Trello.

The best features for standups

  • Agenda setting: Prep for standups in advance.
  • Goal tracking: Visual representation of team goals over time for monitoring.
  • Historical data: Reflect on past performance and areas of improvement.


Jell operates on a monthly subscription model, with pricing tailored for small to large teams.

6. Friday

Friday consolidates chats, tasks, and updates, automating routine reports to streamline the standup process. If you need a simple solution to help your standups run smoothly, Friday automates routine updates and integrates them into your workflow. 

Here’s how Friday stands out:

  • Combines chat, tasks, and updates in one platform.
  • Customizable routines tailor the tool to your team's needs.
  • Integrates with tools like Slack, ensuring no context switching.

The best features for standups

  • Automated routines: Set and forget daily check-ins.
  • Feedback tools: Engage and understand team sentiment.
  • Custom questions: Tailor standup prompts to fit your team.


Friday offers a tiered pricing model catering to teams of all sizes. There’s also a free version with basic functionality.

7. Troopr

Troopr is an advanced Slack-integrated tool powered by AI technology, designed specifically to enhance team collaboration and communication. Recognizing the unique challenges that distributed teams face, especially those operating remotely or in different time zones, Troopr can work for many meeting types.

Here’s how Troopr stands out:

  • Operates entirely within Slack—no new platform to learn.
  • AI insights help identify team challenges and opportunities.

The best features for standups

  • Smart summaries: Get a quick snapshot of team progress.
  • Interactive charts: Dive deep into aggregated reports.
  • Custom triggers: Prompts teams to provide updates based on team activity.


Troopr offers basic features available with lower-tiered plans and premium features unlocked with higher-tiered plans, depending on what you need.

8. Polly

Polly started as a survey application for Slack but has since evolved to offer broader functionalities, making it a reliable standup tool. With Polly, teams can conduct real-time surveys, automate recurring questions, and utilize data analytics to gauge team feedback during standups.

Here’s how Polly stands out:

  • Conduct real-time standup surveys within your communication platform.
  • Automate recurring polls to gauge team progress and blockers.
  • Use analytics to understand trends over time.

The best features for standups

  • Instant feedback: Get immediate team sentiments.
  • Custom templates: Customize standup surveys for precision.
  • Scheduled polls: Consistent standup check-ins.


Polly offers a free basic plan, with premium features unlocked at varying subscription tiers.

9. Range

Range focuses on consolidating daily check-ins with other workflow tools. With its aim to foster transparency and alignment among teams, Range offers a comprehensive suite of features that are invaluable for standup sessions.

Here’s how Range stands out:

  • Consolidate daily check-ins with work tools.
  • Mood checks help gauge team sentiment.
  • Designed to foster team alignment and transparency.

The best features for standups

  • Integrated check-ins: Simplify daily updates.
  • Mood checks: Easily get a pulse on team morale.
  • Feedback mechanism: Encourage open communication.


Range follows a subscription model with a free basic plan and advanced features available at premium tiers.

Elevate your standup meetings with Spinach for a better team experience

Now that you have a better understanding of what the best standup meeting tools are, you can pick the one that fits your team best. We wrote this article because we know Spinach is the best tool for making all your meetings more efficient and productive. Never take manual meeting notes again, just invite Spinach to your meeting and watch the magic happen. 

Not only is Spinach a great alternative to Standuply, but its features also outshine most on this list. Spinach uses AI to enhance transparency and foster collaboration. Forget long meeting recordings or transcripts, Spinach gives you just the key takeaways to accelerate your team.

From AI-driven insights to flexibility for various meeting types, Spinach is the optimal tool for team leaders looking to drive greater efficiency in their agile teams.

Try Spinach now and experience the difference! Get started today. 💼🌱

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