7 Zoom standup integrations to elevate daily meetings

Published on
February 16, 2023

Everything changed in 2020 — including the way we work. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people working from home tripled between 2019 and 2021.

And what does that mean for your team?

It means meetings have moved to Zoom — and it might also mean that those meetings are less productive. Especially daily meetings, like standup. 

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of tools that might help. The apps listed below each offer integrations with Zoom — and they all deliver unique functionality that can make your daily standup less painful and more productive.

Why Zoom integrations benefit daily standups

For busy teams, Zoom can be just one of many things open on our desktops at any given time. You have your team members in Zoom, perhaps a note-taking app like Notion, Slack for team messaging, Jira board to keep an eye on tickets… you get the idea. 

It's a lot. 

But Zoom integrations can help streamline meetings and improve collaboration directly within the Zoom meeting window without a ton of extra tabs and screens. 🙌

Let’s dive into seven collaboration-boosting Zoom integrations that let you put everything you need for your meetings all in one spot.

1. Spinach

Opening up your board and going ticket-by-ticket is long and painful. Instead of holding "just another status meeting," Spinach helps you run daily standups that your engineers will actually enjoy, directly in Zoom.

How does it work? Prepare async. Discuss in-sync.

With Spinach for Zoom, the team prepares status updates asynchronously, and you only discuss what you need to during the live meeting. Spinach facilitates your standup meeting for you and provides instant notes — no scrum master required.   

Key features and benefits

  • Structures and facilitates daily standups to keep them short and productive
  • Ability to choose or randomize speaking order (no “who wants to go next?”)
  • A timer creates awareness of how long each person has been speaking
  • Jira integration to pull tickets directly into your daily check-in 
  • Works directly in Zoom window — no other tabs needed💪
  • Provides the same view to everyone with one click
  • Works outside of Zoom — changes made in Spinach web app are available in Zoom


  • Free standup summaries, actions, and ticket suggestions
  • $10 per user/month for additional integrations and reporting

2. Miro

Need to add whiteboarding capabilities to your Zoom meetings? That’s what Miro does. With it, you can add a Miro board to your daily standups, then invite users for real-time collaboration. This is a great option for brainstorming, ideation, and more. 🧠

However, Miro requires a lot of manual work: You have to create the standup template, remind your team to add their updates, and share it manually afterward. There's also no way to carry over updates from previous standups, meaning you have to start from scratch every day. 

Key features and benefits

  • Fully interactive digital whiteboard
  • Diagramming and drawing tools
  • Digital sticky notes and templates
  • Supports Kanban, scrum, and agile rituals


  • Free for workspace with three boards
  • Starter: $8 per user per month
  • Business: $16 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

3. Range

The Range integration for Zoom adds a lot of nifty tools to Zoom meetings. You can add icebreakers, mood indicators, or the Spinner — a tool that randomly picks the next person in the discussion. 🎯

For standups in particular, Range has a timer to help you keep meetings on track, and it also lets you pull up meeting templates in Zoom that you created in Range.

But it’s important to note that Range only focuses on asynchronous check-ins — it won’t help facilitate your live standup meetings or provide instant notes. 

Key features and benefits

  • Widgets let you share moods, create icebreakers, and more
  • Templates, timers, and the Spinner keep standups moving
  • Check-ins provide an easy place to post updates


  • Free for 12 users
  • Pro: $8 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

4. Slack

Slack is best known as a standalone messaging app for teams, but you can also use Slack integrations for Zoom. 

The Slack integration allows you to start a Zoom call directly from Slack by typing /zoom. For daily standups, you could simply share updates asynchronously via Slack — and if there are important follow-up items to discuss, you can jump directly into a zoom call by typing /zoom. 

However, the challenge is that Slack is an asynchronous messaging tool. It’s not designed to facilitate live standups, provide update histories, or create standup notes automatically.  

Key features and benefits

  • Direct messaging with the /zoom slash command
  • Ability to start video calls and voice calls directly from Slack
  • Whiteboarding features for easy collaboration


  • Free for basic features
  • Pro: $7.25 per user per month
  • Business+: $12.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise Grid: Custom quote
  • GovSlack: Custom quote

5. DailyBot

DailyBot is a great chat app that supports a variety of different workflows. Lots of teams use it for daily standups and check-ins. Not only does it offer you chatting tools, but you can use it to track mood and help improve company culture. 🤝

You can connect DailyBot and Zoom through Zapier. The connection allows you to set up custom automations so that DailyBot or Zoom automatically perform a predetermined task when you perform specific actions.

DailyBot only supports asynchronous standups, so it doesn’t provide tools that help facilitate live daily standup.

Key features and benefits

  • Use Zapier to trigger automations connected to specific actions.
  • Track mood and promote a positive culture.
  • Use tools to optimize meetings and get daily updates.
  • Give kudos and feedback to promote positivity.


  • Free up to 20 users
  • Basic: $2.50 per month per user
  • Standard: $4 per month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

6. Polly

Polly is an interesting app that lets you get instant feedback during meetings. Integrating it with Zoom means that you can set up live Q&A sessions, create multiple-choice questions and answers, and more. 

Of particular interest in terms of standups, Polly has Hot Takes, which is a great way to start a meeting. It’s like an icebreaker — it helps cut the silence and kick things off with something fun. 

But while Polly can make your live standups more interactive and entertaining, it doesn’t facilitate the meetings for you or provide summary notes. 

Key features and benefits

  • Create Q&A sessions to quickly address questions.
  • Use multiple-choice questions to gather feedback.
  • Use word clouds, quizzes, and other features to build engagement.
  • Try Hot Takes to break the ice and build camaraderie. 🔥


  • Free

7. Status Hero

Status Hero makes it easy to find and organize everyone’s daily check-ins. Team members use Status Hero to check in, which creates a Zoom recording of that check-in. Once the recording is complete, the integration stores the recording alongside the team member’s check-in on Status Hero so that it’s easily accessible.✅

This is a good choice for asynchronous standups since it allows everyone to record a brief bit about what they have accomplished, what they plan to accomplish, and anything that might be in their way. However, there are no features to support live Zoom standups — only async check-ins.

Key features and benefits

  • Connects Zoom and Status Hero to record meetings
  • Stores recordings automatically within user check-ins


  • Free 21-day trial
  • Basic: $3 per user per month
  • Pro: $5 per user per month
  • Corporate: $7 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

Other Zoom integrations for daily meetings

Still looking for tools that suit your team’s unique use cases? Here are a few other Zoom integrations that can add even more functionality to daily standups, retrospectives, and other types of agile meetings.


Twine is a great option for remote teams who need to get a little more from their standups. It has features like icebreaker questions and other nice-to-have tools. 

However, this app's major draw is that you can create virtual breakout rooms! This lets your team break into smaller huddles to discuss topics in greater depth without derailing the rest of the meeting. 🎉


Need transcripts of your meetings? That’s what the Otter integration for Zoom does. Use it to create interactive transcripts and instant meeting notes in real time directly in your browser window.


With the Loom integration for Zoom, you can automatically record Zoom meetings — then host them on Loom, which makes them easily searchable. 🔎 You can also use Loom’s tools to tag videos, get engagement insights, create transcripts, or set permissions so that only certain groups can access them.


Calendly is a Zoom integration that makes it easier to schedule meetings. Within the Calendly app, choose Zoom as your meeting location. The app will automatically create all the video conferencing details needed, then save them as a Calendly event that you can share with everyone else who needs to attend. 🗓


Warmly is primarily designed for salespeople, but you can use it to add more personality to Zoom meetings. Create custom virtual business cards, add a personal bio, or highlight professional credentials — it’s a great way to help remote teams get to know one another better.

Upgrade your daily standups on Zoom with Spinach

There are lots of apps out there that can help you do more with your standup meetings — but there aren’t very many apps out there made specifically with standups in mind. 

When you need to cut the chaos and create streamlined meetings via Zoom, Spinach is the app for you. 

It’s designed to run the standup for you, automatically choosing the speaking order, putting a visible timer on display, and walking everyone through the standup questions so that you can discuss everything from accomplishments to blockers with ease.

Want to learn more about it? Try Spinach for free to see how it can help!

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