7 Exceptional AI Note-Taking Tools in 2024

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February 13, 2024

The integration of artificial intelligence into team and individual workflows is transforming how we think about every day tasks, particularly in software development. Imagine how much time Product Managers and Tech Leads waste on tasks that don't directly contribute to shipping better products. Stuff like scheduling team meetings, taking notes, updating a backlog. All of this stuff can automated with AI. And the most immediate and compelling use case is AI notetaking- meaning, you can actually get phenomenal AI notes, formatted for specific dev meetings.

But adopting the right AI note-taker is super important. And not every AI notes tool is designed for software development teams. If you buy Otter, you're using a tool designed for journalists and students to run dev meetings with zero templates or dev tool integrations. That's a bad choice. If you buy Gong, you're using a tool designed for 1:1 sales calls with integrations into CRMs, not dev tool integrations. So again, that would be a really bad choice.

Each tool has its unique strengths, from the structure of the notes to the integrations they offer. And the impact of choosing an effective AI note-taking tool cannot be overstated. It can dramatically enhance team focus during discussions, eliminate the hassle of manual note-taking, and ensure important details are captured accurately. Or it can just create more documentation and noise and platforms that waste time and bury important information.

In this article, we'll delve into how tools like Spinach are not just taking crazy good AI notes, but integrating across the entire product development workflow and tool set.

Spinach.io is designed specifically for software dev teams with AI notes templates for Daily Standup, User Research, Weekly Syncs, Backlog Refinement, Retros and more.

Benefits of using AI for note taking

Let's shift gears and focus on the tangible benefits that AI note-taking brings to the table. These tools are not just about replacing the traditional pen and paper; they're about enhancing and streamlining the way we capture and use information in a team setting.

Increased accuracy

Accuracy in capturing details is non-negotiable in team meetings, and this is where AI note-takers truly shine. Unlike human note-takers, who might miss out on nuances or get overwhelmed by the pace of the discussion, AI tools consistently capture every point with precision. They're designed to understand context, recognize different voices, and even pick up on technical jargon specific to your field. This level of accuracy ensures that every decision, idea, and task is documented correctly, leaving little room for misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Time savings

One of the most immediate benefits of AI note-taking is the significant amount of time it saves. Think about the hours spent in transcribing meeting notes or organizing them into actionable items. AI tools do this in real-time, often providing summaries and action points as soon as the meeting concludes. This efficiency means your team can move swiftly from discussion to action, without the lag that typically comes with manual note processing.

Improved organization and accessibility

AI note-takers are a boon for organization and accessibility. They store notes in an orderly fashion, often tagged and easily searchable. This organization transforms how teams access information, turning meeting notes into a valuable, easy-to-navigate knowledge base. Instead of sifting through pages of notes or multiple documents, team members can retrieve specific information with a few clicks.

Generating new insights

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of AI note-taking is its potential to generate new insights. By analyzing meeting content, these tools can identify patterns, suggest areas of focus, or even highlight opportunities that might have been overlooked. This capability can be a source of inspiration for teams, sparking innovation and driving strategic thinking. In essence, AI note-takers are not just record-keepers; they're active contributors to the team's creative and analytical processes. 

What makes a good AI note taking app?

Having explored the benefits of AI in note-taking, it's crucial to understand what differentiates a good AI note-taking app from the rest. The key lies in a blend of features and functionalities that align with your team's unique requirements and workflow.


A top-tier AI note-taking app offers customization options to fit your team's specific needs. This means being able to tailor the tool to suit different meeting types, team sizes, and project requirements. Customization can range from setting specific templates for different types of meetings to having customizable fields for notes. This flexibility ensures that the tool adapts to you, not the other way around.


Good AI note-taking apps excel in searchability. With the volume of information generated in meetings, being able to quickly locate a specific piece of information is invaluable. This feature saves time and enhances productivity, as team members can easily access past discussions, decisions, or action items without having to sift through pages of notes.


No matter how powerful an AI note-taking app is, it must be user-friendly. Ease of use ensures quick adoption by the team and reduces the learning curve. A user-friendly interface, straightforward navigation, and intuitive controls make the tool an asset rather than a hindrance.


Scalability is crucial, especially for teams in growing companies. A good AI note-taking app should be able to handle increasing amounts of data and a growing number of users without a drop in performance. This means it can grow alongside your team, accommodating new members and more complex projects.


Finally, integrations with other tools are a hallmark of a great AI note-taking app. The ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing project management tools, communication platforms, and other software ensures a smooth workflow and reduces the need for multiple standalone tools. Integration aids in centralizing information and streamlines processes, making your team's work more efficient and cohesive.

The best AI note taking tools for various purposes

In today's dynamic work environment, selecting the right AI note-taking tool can significantly impact your team's productivity and collaboration. With a variety of tools available, each excels in different areas, from streamlining meeting notes to fostering creative brainstorming sessions. Let’s explore some of the best AI tools tailored for specific purposes.

1. Spinach: For meeting notes

Spinach is an AI project manager, specifically designed for capturing the essence of meetings. Utilizing AI, Spinach listens to meeting discussions and converts them into concise, categorized summaries. This approach is a significant departure from tools that offer verbatim transcripts, as Spinach focuses on key decisions and action items. This means you can bypass the tedious task of sifting through detailed transcripts and instead, access the crux of your meeting in a digestible format.

A unique feature of Spinach is its ability to propose relevant tickets based on the meeting's discussion. These can be directly edited in Slack or added to your project board with just a click. If a particular bug or task is mentioned, Spinach smartly links the corresponding ticket in the summary, adding valuable context and streamlining the workflow. Furthermore, Spinach ensures accountability and clarity by not only documenting decisions and action items but also assigning an owner to each task. Post-meeting, team members receive personalized to-do lists in Slack, clearly outlining their responsibilities and next steps.

By shifting the focus from exhaustive transcripts to actionable summaries, it redefines meeting efficiency. Its integration with platforms like Slack and its intuitive ticketing system not only streamline your workflow but also enhance accountability and task management.

2. Notion: For brainstorming

Notion is a versatile workspace that combines elements of notes, documents, wikis, project management, and more, all in one platform. It emerges as a great AI tool for brainstorming sessions. Notion acts as a connected AI assistant within your workspace, capable of transforming text, automating tasks, and generating new content. This makes it particularly valuable for teams engaged in creative and collaborative brainstorming.

One of the key strengths of Notion AI is its ability to produce text responses based on user queries and context. This feature allows team members to enhance existing content, generate concise summaries, and effortlessly draft new text, all within the familiar Notion workspace. This capability not only streamlines the brainstorming process but also enriches it, providing new perspectives and ideas that can be pivotal in creative problem-solving and project development.

3. Mem: For async collaboration

In the realm of asynchronous collaboration, Mem sets itself apart as a standout AI note-taking tool. Ideal for teams not always working in real-time, Mem offers a unique blend of features that cater to the nuances of async work. The moment you create a note in Mem, the tool provides contextual information in a sidebar, seamlessly guiding you to add relevant details or link to existing documents. This context-aware assistance is pivotal in ensuring that your notes are not just standalone pieces of information but part of a cohesive whole.

A standout feature of Mem is its intuitive tagging system. Simply write a team member's name, and the tool suggests tagging them, thereby streamlining collaboration and communication within the team. Furthermore, Mem introduces an innovative Chat tab, akin to a personalized ChatGPT-style interface. This feature allows you to ask questions related to all the data stored in your account, turning your note-taking app into an interactive, AI-driven knowledge base.

4. Otter: For voice transcription

When it comes to voice transcription, Otter is a solid option. This AI tool is specifically designed for capturing and transcribing spoken words with remarkable accuracy, making it indispensable for meetings, interviews, or any situation where verbal communication is key. Otter's ability to provide real-time transcription not only aids in record-keeping but also enhances accessibility, allowing team members to follow along or review discussions without the need for manual note-taking.

One of Otter's most significant advantages is its adaptability to different accents and terminologies, ensuring that it accurately captures the nuances of spoken language. This level of precision in transcription is a game-changer, especially in environments where clear and accurate communication is critical. By converting speech into text efficiently and accurately, Otter helps teams focus more on the discussion at hand and less on the logistics of documenting it.

5. Reflect: For ChatGPT integration

Reflect emerges as the optimal AI note-taking tool for those seeking seamless integration with ChatGPT. This tool excels in its ability to customize a wide array of prompts, allowing users to infuse specific requests directly into prompt templates. This customization is pivotal for users looking to enhance their interaction with ChatGPT, as it enables them to become adept AI prompt engineers. For instance, using the “Summarize this” prompt on Reflect allows for responses that are consistently short and maintain a professional tone. This feature is particularly valuable for those who require concise, on-point information, ensuring that the output from ChatGPT aligns perfectly with their needs and preferences.

6. Evernote: For personal notes

Evernote stands out as the premier tool for personal note-taking. With its AI Note Cleanup tool, Evernote takes the organization of notes to a new level. This tool is designed to tidy up messy and scattered notes without compromising their original meaning or tone. It goes beyond mere organization; Evernote’s AI can automatically add formatting, rephrase unclear sentences, and correct typographical errors. This functionality makes Evernote an indispensable tool for anyone looking to maintain clear, coherent, and well-organized personal notes, whether they're jotting down quick thoughts, detailed research, or anything in between.

7. ClickUp: For project management notes

ClickUp is primarily a project management tool but brings a unique offering to the table with its AI writing assistant, which is integrated within ClickUp’s Notepad and ClickUp Docs. This integration makes ClickUp a viable solution for project management notes. The Notepad feature is perfect for quick notes and checklists, offering a straightforward and efficient way to jot down ideas or tasks. ClickUp Docs, on the other hand, caters to more extensive note-taking needs. It is versatile enough to handle a range of formats, from simple to-do lists to complex documents like detailed blog posts, meeting notes, project roadmaps, meeting agendas, retrospectives, and more. 

Get a taste of Spinach and elevate your team meetings

In conclusion, the role of an AI note-taker in today's fast-paced work environment is more than just a convenience—it's a necessity. The ability to have an AI like Spinach attend your meetings, diligently noting down key points, action items, and decisions, is invaluable. Spinach stands out in this arena, offering you not just transcripts, but the key takeaways that really matter. With Spinach, you save precious time, enhance meeting productivity, and ensure that every team member is on the same page. The efficiency and clarity Spinach brings to your team meetings are unparalleled, making it an indispensable tool for any team looking to boost their effectiveness.

Ready to transform your team meetings? Visit Spinach to set up your AI-powered meeting assistant and start reaping the benefits of focused, efficient, and productive meetings. Say goodbye to the days of missed details and hello to a world where every meeting is a step forward. 🚀💼📝

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