The 7 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Product Leaders

Published on
November 10, 2023

If you’re only using ChatGPT for basic text-based tasks like writing emails, you're barely scratching the surface of what generative AI is capable of. For example, product leaders and managers can use ChatGPT for tasks like decision-making, market research, and competitor product analysis. By using the right prompts, product leaders and managers can unlock a new level of productivity with Chat GPT. And once you get the hang of effectively leveraging GPT in your product development and launch journey, it’ll feel like you have an AI-powered personal assistant, helping you get more done faster, and freeing up your bandwidth to focus on the tasks only a human can do, like team leadership and creative problem solving. 

Not sure how to start using ChatGPT for product management? Our experts did the research and curated this list of the seven best ChatGPT prompts, designed to boost your product leadership capabilities. Keep reading to see how integrating ChatGPT into your workflow can help boost your product leadership productivity.

Strategic ways product teams can use GPT

GPT, or Generative Pretrained Transformer, can be used to streamline various aspects of product development and management. It’s not just about automation; it’s about enhancing insight, efficiency, and effectiveness across the board for product teams and leaders. By harnessing the power of GPT and using ai tools for productivity, teams can delve deeper into customer insights, prototype testing, and much more, ensuring each aspect of the product journey is optimized for success.

ChatGPT can help gather customer insights

Gathering essential customer insights is faster and easier with ChatGPT. Product leaders get better access to potential customer demographics and detailed segment information, thanks to generative AI. GPT can be used to process large datasets, and it can extract customer insights from diverse platforms, including social media and LinkedIn.

By leveraging more sources, GPT helps product managers to capture valuable trends in customer behavior, so that teams can finetune their strategies for a better and bigger impact. This deeper, more precise insight ensures your product resonates perfectly with your target audience, enhancing both adoption and satisfaction. 

Acts as a virtual user and assists with prototype testing

When it comes to prototype testing, ChatGPT can be your ideal virtual user, providing real-time, unbiased feedback. It allows product leaders to understand the user experience better, offering insights for enhancement and refinement, ensuring the final product resonates well with the target audience.

Can create product requirement document

Need a comprehensive product requirement document? GPT has you covered. It can generate detailed and precise product requirement documents, ensuring everyone on the team has a clear understanding of the project specifications, goals. Having those details nailed down can be a big help for streamlining execution and delivery.

GPT can help build out valuable content

Content creation is probably one of the more obvious and ubiquitous uses for ChatGPT right now. ChatGPT can help product teams draft informative and compelling content about their offerings. It can write blog posts, develop product descriptions, and help other content types, ensuring the message is clear, concise, and resonates with the audience.

Brainstorm various pricing methods

Pricing can be a complex terrain to navigate. GPT comes to the rescue by helping teams brainstorm various pricing strategies, analyzing different factors and trends to recommend the most effective and profitable pricing methods for your products.

With GPT, you have the opportunity to elevate every aspect of product development and leadership. Using AI to handle repetitive daily tasks means you have more time to work on delivering exceptional products that truly stand out. And while you're upgrading your AI product management toolkit, why not try Spinach, the ultimate IA project manager that integrates seamlessly with GPT, giving you smarter meeting summaries, action items, and ticket suggestions to accelerate your team. Get started with Spinach and make all your product meetings better! 

7 effective ChatGPT prompts for product leaders & managers

Now that you have a better understanding of how ChatGPT can be useful for busy product managers, let’s dive into execution: how to prompt GPT so that you get the smartest and most effective results. You can use GPT to make informed decisions and strategic moves, but only with the right prompts in action. Our experts tested out dozens of prompts to come up with these examples that are sure to help streamline and accelerate your product workflow.

1. Help with market research

Call me dramatic, but the importance of comprehensive market research can’t be overstated for product leaders. GPT helps gather essential data about competitors, market trends, and consumer preferences. Let's look at some prompts that can be useful.

Example prompt:

“I'm launching a {sustainable coffee brand for eco-conscious consumers}. Can you supply a table outlining the competitors in this niche, their unique selling points, and areas for improvement?”

This prompt can help product leaders to quickly pinpoint and understand their competitors. It enables product leaders to analyze competitors’ unique selling points and areas of vulnerability, allowing for strategic planning and positioning within the market. 

2. Brainstorming product ideas

In the ideation phase of product development, GPT stands out as a creative assistant. It can help churn out innovative and feasible product ideas, addressing specific issues and demands in the market, tailored to your audience.

Example prompts:

“Provide three product ideas leveraging AI to address challenges faced by product managers in team collaboration.”

“Suggest innovative product ideas that utilize AI to enhance efficiency and communication for product managers within a team setting.”

Utilize these prompts to guide your brainstorming sessions, ensuring a wealth of diverse and relevant product ideas, ready for further development and refinement. 💡

3. Enhancing customer experience and onboarding

Enhancing customer experience and especially the onboarding process is vitally important for product retention and adoption. GPT can help with this by offering ideas and strategies for making onboarding more engaging, intuitive, and personalized, ultimately boosting user engagement and loyalty.

Example prompts:

“Can you guide me on enhancing the onboarding experience for [your product], focusing on personalization, engagement, and ease of use, while considering elements like automated assistance and interactive training?”

“Offer suggestions for improving user onboarding for [your product], including strategies for interpreting user feedback, UX testing, and crafting personalized and engaging walkthroughs.”

These prompts will guide ChatGPT to deliver robust and actionable insights for refining the onboarding process, ensuring your users start their journey with your product on the right foot. 

4. Creating user stories based on product core features

Converting product features into compelling user stories is a critical step in product development. GPT excels in this area by offering insightful and clear user stories, ensuring that the developed features resonate well with the end-users and fulfill their needs effectively.

Example prompts:

“I am working on a product with these features: {List features here}. Could you assist in formulating user stories based on these features?”

“Here are the features of my upcoming product: {Specify features here}. Can you craft comprehensive user stories to highlight the user benefits and scenarios?”

Using these prompts, you can effectively translate feature lists into relatable and clear user stories, ensuring your product resonates and connects with its intended audience. 

5. Execute competitor product analysis

Utilizing GPT for competitor product analysis provides an in-depth understanding of where your product stands in the market. It aids in analyzing competitor products, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and offering a strategic edge in product development.

Example prompts:

“Conduct a comprehensive product analysis for [competitor’s name]. Provide insights on their product features, advantages, and areas of improvement.”

“Analyze [competitor’s name]’s product. Detail their features, strengths, and weaknesses and give a comparative overview with our product.”

6. Create ideal customer personas

Creating ideal customer personas is a breeze with GPT. It provides detailed and precise customer personas, ensuring your product development and marketing strategies are highly targeted and effective.

Example prompts:

“I'm developing a tool with these details: [tool details]. Can you construct an ideal user persona for this tool?”

“For my new tool [tool details], craft a comprehensive ideal customer persona.”

7. Sales call prep

Powered by OpenAI, GPT is a powerhouse for preparing product teams for sales calls. It helps in anticipating potential questions, formulating clear and concise answers, and ensuring you're well-prepared to discuss every aspect of your product confidently.

Example prompts:

“I am preparing for a call to discuss new features: Feature A: [details], Feature B: [details], Feature C: [details]. Assist me in explaining their purpose, user benefits, technical aspects, and how they align with our overall product strategy. Additionally, help me communicate the need for a two-member team to work on these features with a one-month deadline.”

“I’m set for a call regarding three new features: [details]. Provide me with clear and detailed talking points for explaining each feature's purpose, problem it solves, key technical considerations, and its place in our product strategy. Guide me in discussing the team selection and project deadline as well.”

With these prompts, make your meetings more insightful and your product planning more strategic. GPT enables you to handle any question thrown your way with confidence and clarity. Plus, you can use Spinach to make all your calls and meetings better. Never take notes in a meeting again, let Spinach handle the details so you can focus on delivering results. 

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