12 Powerful Otter.ai Alternatives for Your Team

Published on
August 22, 2023

The AI transcription technology that is now available is insane. I wish I had these tools earlier in my career! With AI, you can now capture every word, decision, and action item from your meetings, and use that information to cut back on manual work, and free up time for stuff that actually requires human intelligence. Leveraging AI for team meetings is like getting an extra team member that is always on time, never misses a meeting, takes amazing notes, and then follows up with you so nothing falls through the cracks.

Gone are the days of taking frantic notes in meetings or missing key details that I need to follow-up on. With the right tools, you can keep everyone on the same page, and foster a more cohesive, efficient team without lifting a finger. But to pull this off, you need the right tool! And Otter.ai is not the right tool for every team.

Understanding meeting transcription tools

Otter.ai has become a go-to meeting transcription tool for many teams. It's a speech-to-text platform that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe your meetings, webinars, interviews, and more in real-time. Think of it as a scribe, diligently writing down every spoken word. (But do you really want to read through every spoken word?)

Transcription meeting tools offer a broad suite of benefits, beyond just writing down what's said. Using an AI transcription tool can be a game-changer:

Automated notes: No more manual note-taking means more time to focus on what matters - the meeting itself.

Accuracy: Capture every word, no matter how fast-paced the conversation, ensuring that no critical information is lost.

Accessibility: Transcripts provide a written record that can be shared and referred back to, enhancing communication across the team.

Integration: Many tools integrate with popular platforms like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and Google Meet, creating a seamless workflow.

Inclusivity: They make meetings accessible for team members who might have hearing difficulties or prefer to read information.

Analysis: Some advanced tools even offer insights and analytics, helping you understand your team's dynamics better.

Flexibility: From daily stand-ups to major client meetings, transcription tools adapt to various business needs.

Now, imagine pairing these benefits with a tool designed specifically for busy teams who want to make and ship things- not spend time reading through meeting notes. That's where Spinach comes in. Spinach is an AI Project Manager that helps make meetings work for you. Spinach gives you instant meeting summaries, documents action items, and keeps your board up-to-date with ticket suggestions. It’s a highly capable alternative to Otter.ai that could be the perfect fit for your team. Keep reading for more details on Spinach, plus our list of other impressive AI meeting transcription tools that are revolutionizing the way agile teams meet and collaborate. 

The 12 best Otter.ai alternatives

Now you have a better understanding of what Otter.ai does, and the helpful advantages that transcription tools can bring to your meetings. If you're looking for something different or specific to your team's unique needs, the market is full of options for AI transcription tools that serve as Otter.ai alternatives, each offering unique features and benefits. From specialized Agile meeting tools to all-around transcription services, there's likely a perfect fit waiting to be discovered. Let's dive into the 12 best Otter.ai alternatives that might change how you run your daily scrum meetings. 

1. Spinach

Meet Spinach, the AI Project Manager that's helping teams level up their process. Unlike conventional transcription tools, Spinach is designed specifically for busy teams that just want to see the key discussion points, the decisions and the action items. It's like like having an extra project manager on your team to document action items, provide ticket suggestions for new tasks, and share summarized meeting notes with the whole team via email, Slack, Google Docs, Notion or Confluence.

Here are a few reasons why Spinach is a smart alternative to Otter.ai:

Concise summaries: Instead of getting the full transcript and chapters of every single item discussed in chronological order, Spinach gives you a concise summary.

Works where you work: With dozens of integrations, you get meeting notes and action items where you work, not buried in another app behind a login screen.

Action-Oriented: Not just transcribing but actively summarizing the key decisions and action items that accelerate your team.

Ease of Use: Busy wearing multiple hats? Spinach won't add to your load. It's intuitive and simple, making your meetings productive without adding complexity.

Does real work: The "Ask Spinach" allows you to clarify details, provide insights, or create additional documentation from meeting content

By adding Spinach to your meetings, you're not just choosing a transcription tool; you're choosing an AI-powered partner that does real work.

Spinach focuses on decision and action, and sends notes where your team already works.

2. Fireflies.ai

Next up on our list of powerful Otter.ai alternatives is Fireflies.ai. This AI-driven transcription tool is popular for teams looking to level up their meetings and boost productivity.

Here's what makes Fireflies.ai a great option:

Automated Transcription: Like Otter.ai, Fireflies.ai provides real-time transcriptions of meetings, converting audio files into text on the fly. It's accurate, fast, and efficient.

Integration Powerhouse: Fireflies.ai integrates with many video conferencing tools, CRM systems, and other platforms, offering a smooth experience that works well with your existing tech stack.

Meeting Intelligence: Beyond mere transcription, Fireflies.ai offers actionable insights from your meetings. It can highlight important points, follow-ups, and even analyze the sentiment.

Customizable: Tailor it to your specific needs. Whether it's the kind of transcription you want or how you want to organize your meeting notes, Fireflies.ai offers that flexibility.

Accessibility and Collaboration: Share transcripts, collaborate on notes, and ensure everyone on the team stays in the loop with ease.

While it might not be as specialized in Agile methodologies as Spinach, Fireflies.ai offers a robust and adaptable solution for those looking to accurately capture and analyze their meetings. If you're after a tool that goes beyond just putting words on a page,  Fireflies.ai may have the insights and integrations you need. 

3. Trint

Trint is a popular transcription software that is making a name for itself in the realms of journalism and media production, as well as business meetings. Teams like using Trint because it combines powerful transcription capabilities with a user-friendly design.

Here's why Trint stands out as a good alternative to Otter.ai:

Speedy Transcription: Trint offers both real-time and post-meeting transcription options, with a focus on speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Multilingual Support: Working with an international team? Trint supports multiple languages, making it a diverse tool for global businesses.

Interactive Editor: Want to make tweaks or add notes to the transcription? Trint's interactive editor lets you make changes, highlight important parts, and more.

Collaboration Made Easy: Share transcripts with team members, collaborate on editing, and ensure everyone has access to the information they need.

Integration Options: Though not as extensive as other alternatives, Trint still offers integrations with popular platforms, allowing for a streamlined experience.

While Trint might not be an AI Scrum Master like Spinach or offer the deep analysis found in Fireflies.ai, it's a solid, versatile tool that can handle the transcription needs of various industries and meeting types. If speed, flexibility, and collaboration are top priorities, Trint could be an excellent addition to your meeting toolkit. 

4. Rev

Rev is another strong player in the transcription game. Unlike AI-powered transcription services, Rev combines artificial intelligence with human expertise, offering a unique blend that brings out the best of both worlds. 

Here's why Rev is solid alternative to Otter.ai:

Human-Aided Accuracy: While AI does the heavy lifting, human transcriptionists review and refine the text, ensuring higher accuracy and context understanding.

Variety of Services: Beyond transcription, Rev also offers captioning and translation services, making it a multifaceted tool for communication needs.

Quick Turnaround: Rev's transcription service promises fast delivery, even with human oversight, making it suitable for tight schedules.

User-Friendly Platform: Easy to use, Rev’s platform allows you to upload files, track progress, and access transcripts with minimal fuss.

Affordable Pricing: With clear pricing structures, Rev provides an affordable option for those conscious of their budget.

Security and Confidentiality: Rev takes privacy seriously, employing measures to ensure the confidentiality of your content.

Rev's hybrid approach to transcription might be a perfect fit if you're seeking a balance between the speed and adaptability of AI with the nuanced understanding of human transcriptionists. It’s a thoughtful solution that can cater to various professional needs.

5. Vowel

If you’re looking for a tool that does more than just transcribe your meetings, you may want to check out Vowel, which uses Ai to analyze your meetings and deliver actionable insights. 

Here's how Vowel enhances collaboration and productivity:

Real-Time Transcription: Like Otter.ai, Vowel provides instantaneous transcription, turning spoken words into written text as the meeting progresses.

Action Items and Highlights: Beyond transcription, Vowel helps identify critical takeaways, action items, and highlights, ensuring that meetings lead to actual progress.

Integration Galore: Vowel integrates seamlessly with calendar apps, conferencing tools, and project management systems, keeping everything neatly connected.

Search and Analysis: Can't remember who said what in which meeting? Vowel's powerful search and analysis features let you find information effortlessly.

Collaboration Boost: Share notes, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members within the platform, strengthening team unity and follow-through.

Vowel is more than just a transcription tool; it's like having an intelligent meeting assistant that actively aids in turning discussions into decisions and actions. Vowel could be a compelling choice for your team if you're looking for a smart tool that brings accountability, collaboration, and clarity to your meetings.

6. Dialpad

Dialpad is more than just a name in the world of VoIP business phone systems; it's also making strides in the transcription arena. With its Voice Intelligence (Vi) feature, Dialpad offers real-time transcription and analysis that can make meetings more accessible and actionable. 

Here's why Dialpad shines as an alternative to Otter.ai:

Voice Intelligence (Vi): Dialpad's Vi not only transcribes but offers actionable insights, like tracking customer sentiments and spotting trends within conversations.

Integrated Communications Platform: Dialpad is more than a transcription service. It's a complete business communication solution, allowing for seamless transitions between chats, calls, and meetings.

Customization: Tailor Dialpad to your needs. Set up custom alerts, keywords tracking, and more, to make sure the insights you receive are relevant to your goals.

Security Compliant: With an eye on data privacy, Dialpad follows industry compliance standards, ensuring your conversations remain confidential.

Cross-Device Support: Access transcriptions and insights on various devices, keeping information at your fingertips whether you're at your desk or on the go.

Dialpad's appeal lies in its combination of transcription capabilities with an overall communication solution. If your team is seeking a unified platform that handles calls, meetings, and insights, Dialpad might be the perfect match.

While Dialpad brings versatility, don't forget that specialized tools like Spinach are crafted with Agile methodologies at the core. If the soul of your meetings is Agile, giving Spinach a spin could be the best decision to enhance your daily scrums and team collaboration. 

7. Avoma

If you're looking for a transcription tool that dives deep into insights and analytics, Avoma might just be your answer. This intelligent platform is designed to not only transcribe meetings but help in deriving value from those conversations. Let's face it, a meeting without outcomes is a missed opportunity, and Avoma is here to ensure that doesn't happen. 

Here's why Avoma emerges as a solid alternative to Otter.ai:

End-to-End Meeting Collaboration: From scheduling to follow-ups, Avoma is there through the entire meeting lifecycle, making it more than just a transcription service.

AI-Driven Insights: Get automated summaries, key takeaways, and trend analysis. Avoma's AI capabilities help you understand what's happening in your meetings.

Integration with Popular Tools: Whether it's your email, calendar, or CRM, Avoma integrates seamlessly, ensuring a unified workflow.

Robust Search: Finding specific information from past meetings is a breeze with Avoma's searchable transcripts and categorization.

Privacy and Security: Avoma prioritizes data security, with measures in place to keep your information safe and sound.

Avoma's strength lies in its commitment to making meetings more than mere conversations. It's a tool that aligns with the goal-driven nature of Agile teams, providing actionable insights to guide decisions and strategies.

8. Tl;dv

In a world where meetings are abundant and time is scarce, Tl; dv (Too Long; Didn't View) comes to the rescue with its unique take on transcription and meeting analysis. It's designed for those who value brevity and need quick insights without diving into hours of recordings. If your motto is "time is of the essence", Tl; dv might be your go-to tool. 

Here's why Tl; dv stands out as an alternative to Otter.ai:

Quick Summaries: Tl; dv doesn't just transcribe; it summarizes. Get concise overviews of meetings, focusing on key points and takeaways.

Real-Time Insights: Monitor meetings as they happen with real-time analytics, including sentiment analysis and keyword tracking.

Collaborative Notes: Work together with your team on notes, ensuring that everyone’s perspective is included in the post-meeting summary.

Integration-Friendly: Tl; dv works smoothly with popular collaboration and conferencing tools, making it a versatile part of your tech stack.

Custom Alerts: Set up notifications for specific keywords or topics, so you're always in the loop, even if you miss a meeting.

Tl; dv's approach to transcription is all about making meetings manageable. By condensing conversations into digestible insights, it caters to busy professionals who need to stay informed without getting bogged down.

9. Gong.io

Gong.io is a powerhouse in Conversation Intelligence, going beyond mere transcription to provide insights that can drive growth. Particularly known for its application in sales and customer success, Gong.io listens to your calls, deciphers what's being said, and transforms that information into actionable intelligence. It's like having a dedicated analyst at every meeting! 

Here's why Gong.io makes an exciting alternative to Otter.ai:

Data-Driven Insights: Gong.io doesn’t just transcribe; it analyzes, identifying key patterns, trends, and behaviors in your conversations.

Sales and Customer Focus: If sales and customer relations are your priorities, Gong.io is tuned to provide insights specifically tailored for those domains.

Competitor Analysis: Learn how your competitors are being talked about in the industry through Gong.io's analytical capabilities.

Integration with CRM and Communication Tools: Gong.io plays nicely with popular CRM systems and communication platforms, ensuring a cohesive workflow.

Compliance and Security: Gong.io adheres to robust compliance standards, offering peace of mind when it comes to data protection.

Gong.io's targeted focus on sales and customer interactions makes it a unique option, especially if those areas are at the heart of your business operations. With its analytical prowess, Gong.io isn’t just about documenting meetings; it's about deriving value and strategies from them.

10. Tactiq

Tactiq brings a fresh approach to the transcription world with its emphasis on making your meetings actionable. It doesn't just capture words; it captures the essence of your meetings, ensuring that insights, decisions, and action items are all neatly documented. If you're looking for a better way to turn conversations into tasks, Tactiq might be the tool you've been waiting for. 

Here's why Tactiq stands out as an alternative to Otter.ai:

Interactive Transcriptions: Tactiq's transcripts are more than static text; they're interactive documents that allow for annotations, highlights, and more.

Action Items Extraction: Automatically extract and track action items, making sure that decisions translate into deeds.

Seamless Integration: Works effortlessly with popular video conferencing tools, making it a natural extension of your virtual meetings.

Accessible Archives: Your meeting notes and transcripts are organized and easily accessible, ensuring that past insights are never lost.

Privacy Compliant: Tactiq takes data privacy seriously, employing stringent measures to keep your conversations secure.

Tactiq's value proposition is its focus on actionability. It's not just about understanding what was said in a meeting but what needs to be done next. By bridging the gap between discussions and actions, Tactiq is a tool for doers.

11. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe takes the stress out of transcription, offering a user-friendly platform that's all about simplicity and efficiency. Whether it's interviews, podcasts, or meetings, Happy Scribe can turn spoken words into written text with a smile. It's a tool for those who value precision without complication. 

Here's why Happy Scribe dances its way into being an alternative to Otter.ai:

Highly Accurate Transcriptions: Utilizing advanced speech recognition technology, Happy Scribe prides itself on delivering accurate transcripts.

Multi-Language Support: Catering to a global audience, Happy Scribe supports various languages, embracing diversity in communication.

User-Friendly Interface: With a focus on simplicity, Happy Scribe offers an intuitive design that makes transcription a breeze, even for first-time users.

Fast Turnaround: Need transcripts in a hurry? Happy Scribe delivers quickly, ensuring you're not kept waiting.

Data Privacy: Rest easy knowing that Happy Scribe maintains robust security protocols to keep your transcripts safe.

Happy Scribe's charm lies in its blend of accuracy and accessibility. It's a tool that's there to make transcription an enjoyable task rather than a tedious chore. Whether you're a veteran in transcription or just starting, Happy Scribe extends a warm welcome.

12. Amberscript

Last but certainly not least on this list, Amberscript emerges as a versatile transcription tool that offers both automated and human-assisted transcription services. Catering to diverse needs and preferences, Amberscript can be the perfect balance between technology and the human touch. If you seek precision paired with flexibility, Amberscript could be your transcription ally. 

Here's why Amberscript shines as an alternative to Otter.ai:

Automated and Manual Transcription Options: Choose between AI-driven transcriptions for quick results or human-assisted transcriptions for complex projects.

High Accuracy Levels: Amberscript offers up to 99% accuracy, ensuring that the subtleties of speech aren't lost in translation.

Multi-Language Support: With an extensive range of supported languages, Amberscript is ready to listen, no matter what language you speak.

Customizable Transcripts: Tailor your transcripts with timestamps, speaker identification, and other formatting options.

Secure and Compliant: Data privacy is paramount for Amberscript, with safeguards to safeguard your information.

Amberscript's dual approach to transcription provides a unique advantage, allowing you to pick the method that best suits your needs and budget. It's a tool that understands that transcription isn't one-size-fits-all and offers tailored solutions accordingly.

Harness the power of AI with Spinach

When it comes to meeting the needs of Agile teams, Spinach stands out as the ultimate alternative to Otter.ai. It's more than just a transcription tool; it's an AI Scrum Master that provides insightful meeting summaries, action items, and ticket suggestions within your existing workflow. 

Because Spinach is designed specifically for dev teams, it’s made to integrate seamlessly with tools like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and Google Meet. Instead of recordings, transcripts or play-by-plays, you get decisions and actionable insights, so you can remove blockers and accelerate your dev team.

Ready to take your daily scrum meetings to the next level? Get started with Spinach today.