30+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Project Managers

Published on
October 17, 2023

Using ChatGPT effectively can be a game changer for Project Managers. I know many of us in tech were early adopters of ChatGPT. This large language model-based chatbot is gaining traction fast, not just among tech-savvy teams, but also in the professional world. And for a good reason—it gets things done. Leveraging ChatGPT can be super helpful for project managers who can use a little extra help on our never-ending to-do list. As these generative AI tools continue to become better, easier to use, we need to get smarter about our ChatGPT prompts. Because better prompts = better results! 

If you’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT you already know what a big difference the right prompts can make. You put the wrong prompt into ChatGPT, and you end up getting a generic or unhelpful answer. I hate when that happens! But with just a few tweaks to your input, the output can go from lame to great! And with the right prompts, ChatGPT can be specifically utilized to help with project management tasks. In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can use ChatGPT for streamlining project management, plus we’ll share some of our own tried and tested go-to prompts that will make ChatGPT a highly-effective asset in your project management toolkit.

How ChatGPT can help with project management

As project managers, we’re juggling a lot of responsibilities: project deadlines, team dynamics, shifting priorities, and delivering results. Not sure how ChatGPT can specifically help with everything on your PM to-do list? We’re here to explain. 

Here are some of the ways ChatGPT can be your go-to AI tool for project management

Time management

Time management is a crucial skill when you're overseeing a project. We all know how quickly time can slip away, especially when you're multitasking, managing your team, and keeping tabs on deadlines. Here's where ChatGPT shines: it can help with scheduling, setting reminders, or even drafting quick updates for your team. Just shoot it a prompt, and you'll get an instant, well-crafted response that you can use right away. Forget fumbling with calendar apps or note-taking software; ChatGPT can help streamline these tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on the bigger picture.

Team collaboration

Team dynamics can make or break a project, and clear communication is key. ChatGPT can act as a centralized hub for information. Need to brainstorm ideas, collect feedback, or disseminate information quickly? With a well-crafted prompt, ChatGPT can generate scripts for meetings, summarize key points from team discussions, or even help create documentation that keeps everyone informed and aligned.

Documentation and reporting

Documentation is essential, but it's also one of those tasks that can be a time-sink. ChatGPT can help take the edge off. By generating well-structured outlines, summaries, or even full-on reports, you can save hours that might otherwise be spent staring at a blank Word doc. And it's not just about generating text; it's about generating the right text. You can use it to create meeting minutes, development reports, or any other documentation that's crucial to project transparency and accountability.

Risk management

Risk is a part of any project, and identifying those risks early can make all the difference. Believe it or not, ChatGPT can lend a hand here too. You can use it to compile lists of potential risks based on team discussions, generate contingency plans, or even create communication strategies for addressing those risks with stakeholders. A well-phrased prompt can help you turn abstract worries into actionable strategies.

Training and development

Last but not least, let's tackle training and development. Keeping your team up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge is paramount. ChatGPT can help generate training materials, quizzes, or even development plans based on your team's unique needs. Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all training modules; with the right prompts, ChatGPT can help you create tailor-made resources that directly target your team's specific gaps.

ChatGPT prompts for project managers to use

Okay, we've covered the why; now let's get into the how. You're probably itching to know exactly what prompts can turn ChatGPT from a general tool into a project management powerhouse. Keep reading for some concrete examples you can start using today.

General project management prompts

Before you can tap into ChatGPT's potential, you'll need to know how to ask it the right questions. Here are some general project management prompts that can give you valuable insights, assist in decision-making, and help you stay organized.

  1. "Generate a daily status update template for my team."
  2. "Summarize key milestones for the upcoming sprint."
  3. "Create a list of action items following a team meeting."
  4. "Help me draft an email to stakeholders about a project delay."
  5. "Provide tips for resolving team conflicts effectively."

Project planning prompts

Because proper planning is crucial for success, ChatGPT can be useful when you're still in the planning phase of a project. Below are some prompts tailored for project planning.

  1. "Outline the key phases of a software development project."
  2. "Generate questions to ask in a project kick-off meeting."
  3. "Help me create a risk assessment template for my new project."
  4. "Provide a checklist for project closure and handoff."

Task management prompts

Managing tasks efficiently is essential for taking your well-laid project plans and turning them into successful outcomes. Instead of getting overwhelmed by who should do what, use ChatGPT as a tool for streamlining task management. It can help you create systems for equitable workload distribution and clarity in task responsibilities. Here are some prompts that can help:

  1. "Draft a task prioritization framework for my team."
  2. "List out best practices for managing tasks in a sprint."
  3. "Generate a weekly task checklist template."
  4. "Provide tips for handling urgent vs. important tasks."

Project scheduling prompts

Time management is always challenging, especially when juggling multiple tasks and milestones. ChatGPT can assist in developing timelines, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. "Generate a weekly schedule template for my project."
  2. "Provide tips for setting realistic project deadlines."
  3. "Create a tracker for project milestones and their statuses."
  4. "Help me draft an email to update my team on scheduling changes."

Meeting agenda prompts

Last but not least, let's talk about meeting agendas. We've all sat through meetings that felt like a waste of time, right? A well-prepared agenda can be the difference between a productive meeting and a snooze fest. ChatGPT can help you prepare agendas that ensure everyone comes prepared and leaves with clear action items.

  1. "Generate a meeting agenda for a project kick-off."
  2. "Provide an outline for a sprint review meeting."
  3. "Create a template for recurring team check-ins."

Decision-making prompts

Decision-making is a huge part of a project manager's role. Whether it's small choices like what to prioritize in the next sprint, or larger, project-altering decisions, a little clarity goes a long way. ChatGPT can assist you in weighing your options and coming to sound decisions.

  1. "Generate a pros and cons list for implementing feature X."
  2. "Help me create a decision matrix for selecting a vendor."
  3. "Provide strategies for reaching a team consensus."

Documentation prompts

Proper documentation can be a lifesaver, especially when the unexpected happens. It not only serves as a record of your project's history but also guides future projects and decisions. ChatGPT can be your helping hand in keeping things documented neatly.

  1. "Generate a project documentation outline."
  2. "Help me create a format for post-project evaluations."
  3. "Provide a template for documenting project risks and mitigations."

Tips for effectively using ChatGPT in project management

As you integrate ChatGPT into your project management processes, it's important to know how to get the most accurate and helpful insights. We’ve all seen it, putting an ineffective prompt into ChatGPT can lead to generic or unhelpful output. So, let's discuss some practical strategies that can help you fine-tune your approach to ChatGPT, ensuring that the tool becomes a valuable extension of your management toolkit.

Importance of context in queries

The key to getting valuable insights from ChatGPT lies in how well you frame your questions, particularly by providing rich context. A general question like "How to manage a project?" could yield a broad answer. But if you set the stage first with specific details—like "How to manage a software development project with a team of 10 on a tight deadline?"—the AI is equipped to offer more targeted and useful advice. Start with a context-setting prompt, then drill down to your actual question. This two-step approach enables the AI to better tailor its suggestions to your unique circumstances.

Define your parameters

Incorporating constraints in your queries helps ChatGPT provide actionable advice that respects your project's limitations, whether those are budgetary, time-related, or resource-based. For example, asking, "What's the best way to allocate resources for a three-month project?" sets a specific timeframe for the AI to consider, thereby making its guidance more relevant.

The value of follow-up questions

While ChatGPT can generate useful insights on the first go, the depth and utility often improve through follow-up questions. If ChatGPT identifies potential risks, for instance, don't hesitate to ask, "How can these risks be mitigated?" to obtain a more comprehensive view of the situation. Follow-ups can unlock more nuanced advice that can significantly influence project outcomes.

Continuous improvement through experimentation

Even as a seasoned project manager, it's crucial to be open to learning and adapting—especially when working with new technologies like ChatGPT. Testing various prompts, or slightly altering the phrasing of your questions, can often lead to more precise and beneficial recommendations. This iterative approach ensures that you'll refine the tool's utility over time, making it a more effective assistant in your project management efforts.

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